Android has revealed a deadly cloning vulnerability

Once again, the android system is riddled with deadly bugs, making it even more suspicious of android's security. The security of android phones has always been a concern, and now it has been revealed that the application of cloning loopholes has put a lot of people's property security under threat. Have you been attacked? Now that the security of android phones has certain problem, so we should take some measures to protect our mobile phone security is the most important thing, what is the easy way to protect? First, let's not click on any unfamiliar links, because these links may contain viruses. Second, mobile antivirus software can be used for further protection. Finally, you can use the cell phone jammer diy as your last app to protect your phone.

A text message with a link to the url may hide the mystery. Once clicked, someone can "clone" and access your APP account, steal relevant privacy information, or even steal your money.

A "clone" flaw in android has been revealed recently. On September 9, the national information security vulnerability sharing platform (CNVD) issued a security bulletin, which classified the vulnerability as "high risk". The attackers to use the loophole, remote access to the user mobile phone application of sensitive data, photos, documents, etc, also can steal the user login credentials, in the case of unsuspecting victims, full control over the App user accounts.

Compared with the previous attack methods, the "application cloning" vulnerability is more concealment and does not intrude on the mobile phone many times, and there is no obvious abnormality in the attack process. After clicking the link, the user sees the real red envelope page on his mobile phone, while the attacker's mobile phone shows that the user's account has been logged in, and even can be paid with the brush code.

According to the discovery party, the head of tencent's safety xuanwu laboratory said that the traditional way of attack is to use loopholes to gain control and then implant the back door. It's like someone want to sneak into your room, can quietly followed the door ahead of time, and then break the lock convenient access, "application of cloning" is a by copying your room card and can be freely in and out, but also in the name of your spending.

"Most mobile apps are not designed to consider this type of attack," he said. Thus, "application cloning" is effective for most mobile applications, affecting almost all android users in the country.

Of the 200 apps tested in China's android App market, 27 have problems, including 18 apps that can be remotely attacked via text links. The other nine apps can only be attacked locally, using malicious apps loaded on mobile phones to achieve similar "clone" functions.

As early as 2014, the conditions that might have led to the "application cloning" loophole have been disclosed, but they have not been taken seriously. Security experts from the bang bang safe mobile application Luo Rui to privacy guard said, loopholes in the mode of attack is more complex than common way of vulnerabilities and hidden, and need a certain technical threshold.

The bug description referred to in the premise condition, a key factor is the attacker structure of malicious files transferred to the target application and successfully executed, the content of the malicious files and implementation methods are more professional. This loophole, in fact, is based on the technology that has been found in the security hidden trouble, so most apps have not been avoided in advance. Fortunately, there are no specific cases of malicious attacks and losses. In his view, as security issues become more widespread, the frequency of vulnerabilities is increasing. The corresponding security strategy must consider and take countermeasures in advance, otherwise the longer the risk accumulates, the greater the impact will be.

The security of android phones has been a concern for android users. Do you use android phones? Have you ever had that worry?The security of android phones makes it vulnerable to viruses, and that's what worries many users.Recently, someone has found a virus from an android phone.

The mobile phone's own protection program is just one kind of protection measure, there are a variety of measures to protect the security of mobile phone, you can choose, and the cell phone jammer is a popular one nowadays. Abroad, many people choose to use it to do what it should do.


Posted by Benkeiter 2018-06-19

Android phones have a lot of security issues and vulnerabilities, but it's the most popular mobile device on the market. For security reasons, other signal jammers, such as cell phone jammers, may be needed.

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