The new android viruses can cause cell phone battery scrap

The development of technology has produced a number of new high-tech products, including many popular smart phones and smart watches, but also the emergence of viruses. Virus is not strange for us, in recent years, the virus is more crazy, so our mobile phone or computer equipment are equipped with anti-virus software, antivirus software to a certain extent can protect our equipment safety, but it cannot fully protect the equipment from infringement by the virus. In particular, a lot of our information is now tied to our phones, and mobile phones are one of our most important repositories. In order to better protect our cell phone information security, more and more people begin to use cell phone blocker jammer, the antivirus software and mobile phone jammers, under the dual protection of our mobile phone and personal information is becoming more secure.

Recently, the Russian network security firm Kaspersky Lab (Kaspersky Lab), said they found a new virus, the virus can lead to encryption monetary function of smart phones and Internet service shut down.

Kaspersky lab says the virus can destroy android devices and make it a "golden oil" for malware. Currently, the virus discovered by kaspersky's team is known as the Loapi, and the test cell was completely destroyed two days after the infection.

In an article, kaspersky explains that users can infect Loapi viruses by clicking on the banner on the web page or by downloading an app that contains adult content. Once a user is infected with the virus, the malware keeps sending notifications, asking users to provide administrator privileges until the user clicks.

The article also states that "the Loapi virus can actively respond to any attempt to revoke administrator privileges. If the user attempts to remove these permissions, the malicious program will lock the phone screen and close the program window. In addition, the Loapi has a built-in mining module to mine the COINS. In lab tests, kaspersky found that the development of a digital currency would require a large amount of mobile phone processing power, and that a smartphone would overheat and smoke when infected with the virus. And lab tests have inflated the battery's expansion because of the endless mining behavior of malware.

As a result, the malicious software has brought a surprising accident risk, although it can't steal the user direct economic loss resulted from the credit card information, but it can destroy your cell phone.

Kaspersky lab safety experts nikita burqa consumer website "trust evaluation" interview, said "it's not your imagination in complex android trojans, it simply to destroy your cell phone."

The kaspersky lab said in its article that they had never seen such a "golden oil" malware in the past. It seems to be decathlon, bombarding your smartphone in a variety of ways. From spamming to access to administrator privileges. He can also turn infected smartphones into "zombies" and send links to other users.

In this regard, the legal evening news reporter joined the jinshan toxic-safety expert li tijun. Loapi, he explains, is mainly spread through third-party android applications abroad. While China's application market is basically cooperating with various security manufacturers, the scope of the spread of malicious applications is relatively controlled and relatively unlikely to be infected.

Mr Li pointed out that the Loapi virus could be mined, which would consume a lot of the cell phone's resources, leading to battery problems. Mining refers to the use of cpus, GPU resources to dig bitcoin and other encryption COINS. In most cases, mobile phone CPU resources are very low, and the virus has consumed a lot of resources. If the CPU is full and the user doesn't find out in time, the phone's battery will be in danger of overheating.

Li suggested that users should pay attention to downloading software from the big app market and installing mobile anti-virus software. If the cell phone is found to consume a lot of electricity, it should be checked in time.

Cell phone viruses may come from malicious apps that threaten our cell phone security.Therefore, when we install the mobile application, we should download it from the professional app store, and don't click the unknown link to prevent the virus from appearing in the mobile phone.