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One Band GPS GSM WIFI Jammers For Use

Portable equipment is always so easy to hide the signal jammers to attract people's attention, they became the privacy protection tools, favored by many owners for ringtones, mobile phone privacy, trace out privacy, it will provide you with protection, make you safe travel, not threatened by GPS tracking device.Here for you to provide cheap and fine an antenna or there is no antenna of cell phone jammer or GPS jammer, an antenna that they have the characteristics of the portable, and specially for car GPS signal shielding device, can provide protection for your car, unnecessary GPS tracking signal interception, guarantee your safety. Also specially designed for mobile phone signal shielding bag, if you don't want to be a telephone harassment, you can buy a, put mobile phone in a bag, can block cell phone signals, no longer disturbed by phone.Here you can find one antenna blockers including GSM,GPS.They are cheap and can also meet your requirement.

This is a mobile phone signal shielding bag, it can block into the mobile phone signals, cell phone no signal cannot receive phone calls, when you put in the mobile phone, portable GSM jamming package can block cell phone signals. It also can resist demagnetization, protect stored data information, reduce electromagnetic interference, and avoid data loss.

Technical Specs: Weight:200g Size:130x70 mm Warranty:One Year
$100.59 $310.59
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Portable GPS jammers block GPS L1,jamming radius up 15 meters enough to protect your privacy and provide car chargers, favored by drivers.An antenna and small design make it easier to use and hide.

Technical Specs: Weight:400g Size:95x18x18 mm Warranty:One Year
$138.63 $297.64
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Vehicle GPS jammer is specially designed for cars, which can block the most commonly used GPS L1, which can be easily concealed and carried, and the interference radius up 15 meters.Now buy it to keep your car away from GPS tracking devices and protect your whereabouts.

Technical Specs: Weight:360g Size:95 x45x20 mm Warranty:One Year
$137.14 $637.14
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The pocket GPS jammer is designed with a box that is easy to carry and hide. It can interfere with GSM + 3G, GPS, wifi signal, and car charger. Portable design makes it easy to hide. No matter where you want to use it, you can put it in your pocket. No professional testing tool can find it.

Technical Specs: Weight:290g Size:95x48x17 mm Warranty:One Year
$179.99 $419.99
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Multiband JammerSignal jammer equipment we have seen obvious features is its antenna number, the number of antenna much related to its shielding signal type, also have a connection with it the scope of the block.Cell phone jammer antenna means that the number of jamming signal types, but at present we are using mobile phone commonly used types are mainly GSM signal, 3 g, 4 g, 4 g LTE type, so in addition to this, it also has the function of interfere with other signals, such as GPS, wifi, home and office common signal.Here are a variety of antenna design signal jammers for you, you can choose the above antenna classification, buy your favorite jamming equipment.

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