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GSM Jammers for Sale More Frequencies Jamming

Do you think a lot of people are on the phone in public? Have you ever wondered what you could do to reduce or even avoid such a situation? The first thing you must think about is the law enforcement of the relevant managers, but that's not going to work. You might consider buy GSM jammer, which is a jamming device designed specifically for GSM signals. The current GSM blocker is not only jamming for GSM, but also for shielding GPS and WiFi signals. 


In the category the signal jammer can block the 2G frequency and other frequencies that you can combine including GPS.Nowadays people can track you not only by GPS satellites but also the cell phone tower.There is a modern technology called Assisted GPS,which uses a combination of GPS satellite tracking and cell phone tower location triangulation to find out where you are more quickly and precisely.And it is embedded in many tracking device and the new microchips inside telephone.


To against such complex device,we need the blockers jamming  for both GSM and GPS signals. The most important of these GSM jammer price is affordable and have portable feature.Thus these more than cell phone blockers in the list are your choices to protect your privacy.

multifunctional gps wifi lojack jammer

Portable cell phone GPS LoJack Tracking Blocker 2G 3G 4G WiFi Jammer

This portable signal jammer device jamming multiple signals such as GSM/3G/4G LTE,WiFi,GPS/LoJack tracking signal. Handheld wireless jammer disturbance radius up 30 meters.

5g jammer block cell phone gps signal

The Latest Handheld 18 Bands 5G Cellphone Jammer Blocking 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS UHF VHF Signal

The world first 18 bands portable jammer with 16 antennas designed for blocking all cell phone 5G 4G 3G 2G LOJACK GPS Wi-Fi RF signals.Good cooling system with 3 cooling fans inside and bigger hot sink, Nylon cover for handheld With DIP switch, can turn on/off any signal band without affect other bands.

5g handheld cell phone signal jammer

The Latest Handheld 16 Bands Cell Phone Jammer 5G 4G Wi-Fi5G RF Signal Blocker

The latest all-in-one design wireless signal Jammer with nylon cover for portable, 16 bands jamming all types of Android phones, Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, Win phones etc.16 watt high output power, Jamming range 2 to 25 meters.Good cooling system with 3 cooling fans inside and bigger hot sink, Nylon cover for handheld .

mini hidden gps jamming device

The Latest Mini Hidden 4 Antennas Portable GPS Jammer In 2021 Year Block GSM Signal

The latest mini hidden 4 antennas GPS GSM jammer in 2021 Year, block GPS/GLONASS L1+L2L5+GSM900/1800 or CDMA850/1900,Pocket design look like the mobile phone power bank, build-in Ni-Mh battery 2000mAH working more 1.5 Hours.Mini hidden antennas pocket design,could be used in car directly with USB charge cable.

handheld GSM 3G phone blocker online

Portable Mobile GSM 3G Phone Jammer Blocking WIFI GPS Frequency

The handheld signal blocker can jam GSM GPS 3G signal at the same time. Car charger provide for you convenient use anywhere in the vehicle.Up 15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe.

packet mini gsm 3g jamming blocker

Handheld Pocket GPS Tracking Jammer GSM WiFi 3G Signal Blocker

Handheld pocket jammer jamming GSM+3G, GPS, WiFi signal types depends on your choice.Easy to hide and use,the maximum jamming radius up 10 meters, removable battery, delivery car charger, so you can use it anywhere that you want to jamming the signal.

signal jamming device for sale

Desktop Phone Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G WIFI GPS Adjustable

This desktop GSM signal jammer high power for home or school is better. The main application is to jam mobile phone signal 3G, 4G and GPS, WIFI . Aluminum makes it very high end and can adjust the interference distance. Jamming radius up 30 meters.

handheld gsm blocker remote jammers wifi

Portable GSM 3G WIFI GPS 433 315 868MHz Remote Control Jammer

The most popular 4 bands handheld GSM signal jammer can jamming GSM 3G  WIFI GPS 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz,jamming radius max up 15 meters.This 4 bands portable and lightweight multi-functional wireless jamming device blocking signal array including GSM+3G+WIFI,GPS+WIFI.The jamming radius is 15 meters strong enough, free shipping.

portable gsm blocker jammer device

3 Bands Portable Compact Light Mini GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

Portable cell phone jammer can effectively block CDMA/GSM DCS/PHS 3G GPS. Portability makes it convenient for outdoor use such as car, jamming radius up 15 meters. 

gsm jamming device

4 Antennas GSM 3G Jammer WIFI GPS Signal Blocker Unadjustable

Desktop jammer GSM jamming device,3G and GPS signal.It can deal with the A-GPS tracking to protect your privacy  and be used in many places with jamming radius up to 30 meters.

military camouflage gsm phone jammers

Handheld camouflage Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE WiFi GPS Lojack Blocker

Handheld military camouflage phone jammer  wide jamming GSM 3G 4G WiFi GPS and Lojack.Multiple signal type combination multifunction signal jammer for your choice.Jamming radius up to 20 meters.

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

It's very hard to be found out when you put it in the cigarette case.The small 3G GSM mobile jammer is designed for you to block the cell phone secretly.

pocket gsm jammers for sale

Cell Phone Signal Block Bag GSM Jamming Bag

The portable GSM jamming bag block cell phone signals when you put the phone in it. It's convenient for you to carry and ban cell phone harassment

gsm mobile jammer

Hidden Photo Frame Mobile Phone Jammer Jamming GSM 3G 4G

The hidden GSM 3G 4G cell phone jammer like photo-frame which can be mounted on the wall has a noble and elegant design with jamming radius up to 50 meters.It's a perfect gadget for indoor cell phone signal jamming.


Global System for Mobile Communication,is the most widely used Mobile phone standard. More than 1 billion people in more than 200 countries and regions are using phones. GSM standard than it used to be the biggest different is its signaling and voice channel are digital, so GSM is regarded as the second generation (2G) mobile phone system.GSM main advantage is that the user can from a higher number of choose between voice quality and low cost of SMS. GSM provides easier interoperability as an open standard. The GSM is a cellular network, which means the mobile phone is connected to the nearest cellular unit that it can search for. 

Why do I need an adjustable GSM signal jammers?

Everyone needs more signal interference device to block signals, they may need to block some of the signal, sometimes they determine the scope of the block according to the interference of radius distance, in this case, the best way is to use adjustable signal interference device, so that they can determine the interference signal frequency band and at the same time a disturbance radius.

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In the technological age, mobile phones have been upgraded from generation to generation, their functions are becoming more and more perfect, and more and more intelligent. As a result, the popularity of smart phones has appeared. More and more people cannot use mobile phones reasonably, which leads to a series of mobile phone problems. If you participate in a meeting, how does it feel to hear the mobile phone ring frequently during the meeting, will you feel angry, or even want to scold the person who has been on the phone. To avoid this unpleasant result, what you want is a conference room with GSM jammer , it is very necessary to use it in the conference room, and it has many advantages, such as it not only prohibits the use of mobile phone ringtones, but also here The use of mobile phones is also prohibited during this period.