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Mobile Phone GSM 3G 4G Jammer UHF VHF GPS WiFi Blocker

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Product Description:

The  signal jammer blocker can block all cell phone frequencies,including GSM,CDMA,DCS,3G,4G.Moreover,you can select it to jam the WiFi and GPS,or the UHF/VHF against camera spying,cheating in the examination.It is a nemesis of all signals and is commonly used in many places.Thus this high power jammer can be used in the school examination room,court,hospital and office etc.The radius of the jammer is in the range of 50 meters depending on the communication signal strength.With a high heat dissipation performance,it can work for a long time stablely.


Frequencies Supported:

- CDMA : 870 - 880MHz

- GSM : 930 - 960MHz

- DCS / PHS : 1805 - 1918MHz

- 3G : 2110 - 2170 MHz

- 4G : 2345 - 2400 MHz / 2620 - 2690 MHz

- GPS : 1570 - 1580MHz

- WIFI 2.4G : 2400 - 2500MHz

- VHF : 135 - 174MHz

- UHF : 400 - 470MHz



Power: 13.8 W

Power supply: AC power adapter

Weight : 2.5kg

Dimensions : 305 x 140 x 50mm

Jamming radius:  up to 50 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

Please note that the jammer is only available to jam up to 6 defferent frequencies mentioned above at the same time.


Product Images:

signal jamming device

high power signal jammer

signal jammer for sale powerful jammer desk phone jammer


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