Jammers Blockers for Office Use

These jammers can be used in the office.With high heat dissipation they can work for a long time to keep your house or office safety and quiet.With the popularity of smart phones, wifi network coverage, people no restraint to the use of mobile phones, mobile phones have become our essential in life and work of a device, it can help us to achieve great distance call, with relatives, friends, can enrich our life. Excessive use of mobile phones during work time is very bad, affect the work efficiency, so a lot of the boss in order to ensure the employee's work efficiency, at the office installed cell phone jammer device, this also is helpless.

Office Use
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    Portable Waterproof Drone Jammer High Power UAV Blocker

    This high end UAV jammers, such a powerful drone killer jammer you deserve to have, and to protect yourself. It has a wide range of interference and can interfere with any UAVs, ensuring your privacy is safe from UAV spies. In addition, it is a waterproof handle.

Extreme power jammer

    High Power Signal Jammer 433 315 LoJack Blocker

    The high power desk signal jammer has 14 antennas, and signal interference is stronger and wider, which can block more frequencies. It not only interferes with all cell phone signals, but also supports LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz.

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    6 Bands Silvery Universal Desktop GSM 3G 4G Jammers

    Silvery cell phone signal blockers can block GSM, 3G and 4G signals. You can also choose to interfere with GPS/WiFi/UHF/VHF. It has excellent heat dissipation, the interference radius is up to 40 meters, it is so strong and durable.

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