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Jammers Blockers for Office Use

These jammers can be used in the office.With high heat dissipation they can work for a long time to keep your house or office safety and quiet.With the popularity of smart phones, wifi network coverage, people no restraint to the use of mobile phones, mobile phones have become our essential in life and work of a device, it can help us to achieve great distance call, with relatives, friends, can enrich our life. Excessive use of mobile phones during work time is very bad, affect the work efficiency, so a lot of the boss in order to ensure the employee's work efficiency, at the office installed cell phone jammer device, this also is helpless.

The office uses a signal jammer to get employees to put down their phones, concentrate on their work and improve their productivity. Office meeting room will install an adjustable table cell phone jammers, we know that cell phone use is not allowed during the meeting, cell phone ringtone will interrupt the meeting, will be the meeting leader train of thought was interrupted, it is not respect for others. If the boss is in charge of the meeting, the ringing of your phone will make the boss very angry. Although many of the meeting before you start will emphasize the phone to vibrate mode or turned off, this may be very troublesome, so a lot of companies will choose to install the adjustable disturbance radius of desktop phone jammers, to achieve the goal of banning mobile phones. They buy at jammer-buy.com, and for large companies, they need more signal jammers, and they are better at wholesale here, whether for quality or price.

Buy a professional signal jammer from us, make your office safer, and don't worry about being shot, monitored, and stolen by criminals. The use of signal jammers can protect the company's secrets, and it is necessary for every enterprise to consider, and the loss of confidential documents may incur great losses to the enterprise.

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Desktop GSM 3G 4G Jammer Block GPS WiFi UHF VHF Signal Adjustable

6 bands desktop high power jammer with three jamming combination GSM+3G+4G, GSM+3G+GPS+WiFi, GSM+3G+UHF+VHF for you to choose.According to the signal intensity in a given area block radius can be up to 50 meters.It may be the most popular desktop blocker in the office or home.

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Desktop GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Frequency Jammer

The cell phone signal blockers provide GSM+3G+4G signals group. Jamming with GSM+3G+GPS+WIFI group and GSM+3G+UHF+VHF. It has excellent heat dissipation, the jamming radius up to 40 meters.

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Desktop Phone Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G WIFI GPS Adjustable

This desktop GSM signal jammer high power for home or school is better. The main application is to jam mobile phone signal 3G, 4G and GPS, WIFI . Aluminum makes it very high end and can adjust the interference distance. Jamming radius up 30 meters.

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High power Jammer Signal Frequencies Jamming Device Adjustable

8 Bands Desktop high power blocker device (adjustable) jamming all GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signal and GPS WIFI lojack,jamming radius up to 50 meters. 

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High End Waterproof Powerful UAV Signal Jammer Blocker

This powerful drone killer jammer you deserve to have. It has a wide range of jamming and can jamming with any UAVs, ensuring your privacy is safe from UAV spies. Jamming radius up 1500 meters.

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High Power Multifunction Signal Jammer LoJack Blocker Adjustable

14 antennas high power desk signal jammer can jamming with all cell phone signals,  LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz. Adjustable jamming radius, maximum jamming radius 70 meters.

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Powerful Jammer 3.5G Blocker Jamming WiFi GPS UHF VHF 315MHz

16 antennas signal jammer circuit blocker can interfere with all common frequencies  signal types. Including 3.5G WiFi GPS VHF UHF and mobile phone signals.Jamming radius up 70 meters.

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Hidden Photo Frame Mobile Phone Jammer Jamming GSM 3G 4G

The hidden GSM 3G 4G cell phone jammer like photo-frame which can be mounted on the wall has a noble and elegant design with jamming radius up to 50 meters.It's a perfect gadget for indoor cell phone signal jamming.