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Cassette High Powerful Mobile Phone Jammer WIFI GPS Blocker

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Model: EO05301US

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Configuration :
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Product Description:

If you are finding a jammer which can jam the cell phone signals in the big meeting room or other large-scale places,you have found it.The jamming radius of  the high power blocker is up to 150 meters.And this product is environmentally friendly and no effect on the human body.Meanwhile, the cell phone jammer  only block the mobile phone signal  and does not affect other wireless signals , intercom can be used normally.

And it is available to block other frequencies if you want.There are several configurations you can choose above.And what the same is that they are all powerful.


Wide interference of jamming frequencies

Jamming radius up to 150 meters( depending on the local signal strength) .

High heat dissipation

Built-in battery and cooling fan


Frequencies Supported:

CDMA: (869-894MHz)

GSM: (930-960MHz)

PCS: (1930–1990MHz)

3G: (2110-2170MHz)

4G LTE: (2620-2675MHz)

GPS L1,L2,L3,L4,L5

WIFI: (2400-2500MHz)


Power :  216W

Power supply : AC 220V - DC 27V

Shielding radius : 5 - 150m (depending on the  mobile operator network signal status)

Weight: 8.55 kg

Dimensions: 350 * 272 * 150mm

Please note that the jammer can only jam up to 5 frequencies mentioned above at the same time,it depends on what you choose.

Product Images:

4g jammer block signal cell phone jamming device signal jammer blocker mobile phone jammer