Military Jammer, against IEDs,Eavesdropping and Tracking

The military grade jammers are intended to deal with the terrorist threat today.Imagine what terrible when there is a hand-made bomb (or called Improvised Explosive Device, shortly IED) exploding nearby you.So the military jammers are made to counter this threat which specially exists in some countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.However,they can also used by civilians because they can not only solve with the terrorist threat but also against the eavesdropping or tracking for they support GSM,3G and WiFi frequencies.

The military rf jammers have high power and range of interference, which can interfere with the ultra-high frequency signal of radio spectrum, and can interfere with very high frequency (30-300 MHZ) and high frequency (3-30 MHZ) signals.

Having this kind of military signal jammer can better protect your personal safety. When faced with danger, you can well know the source of the danger and block it.The jammers in the category are not  as powerful as original jammers because of the civil usage.If you need more powerful devices, you can look for the High Power Jammers.

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    Handheld GSM 3G Jammer GPS WIFI Remote Frequency 433 315 868MHz

    The handheld GPS scrambler block GPS GSM 3G signal at the same time.15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe. Car charger provide for you.

    This portable jammer is very popular nowadays. Jamming with GSM 3G , GPS, WiFi . It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. Interfere radius up 15 meters.

    This gsm signal blocker interfere with GSM 3G GPS WiFi 315 433 868 depends on your needs, small and portable features. Maximum jamming radius of 15 meters,car charger is standard.

    4 bands mobile cell phone jammer  block GSM 3G phone signal, remote frequency 433 315 868 , WiFi GPS signal.Jamming radius up to15 meters.

mobile phone gsm 3g 4g signal jammer blocker

    GPS WiFi UHF VHF Blocker GSM 3G 4G Mobile Phone Jammer

    This Wireless wifi jamming  device not only can block GSM 3G 4G phone signal,but also jamming GPS WiFi and VHF UHF frequency.Three types of signal combination for your choice.Jamming radius up to 50 meters.

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