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Signal Blocker Device More Than $500 High Power

In schools, to prevent students from cheating in exams, use mobile phone signal jammers to ensure the fairness of the test. In prison, high power signal jammers are used to protect the prison. In the library, the WiFi signal jammer and mobile phone jammer are installed in order to maintain a good and quiet reading environment and not be disturbed by the noise of cell phones. They have an array of antennas, a desktop jammer that is especially suitable for these places, and a lot of places to use a signal jammer. Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) is now very popular, the use of uav aerial became one of the many recreational activities now, but someone will shoot, intentionally or unintentionally, to your privacy, in order to protect your privacy from unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), using drone jammer is your most the right choice.The design of multiple antennas and desktop makes it widely used in large scale, with wide range of interference and frequent frequency. Its powerful features to make it on the price a little high than others, but a value, we know that a good product will naturally have a higher price, on the cost and the design is use the best material.

desktop cell phone 5g jammers

Newest desktop powerful GSM 3G 4G 5G phone frequency jammer

This is the first 5G signal jammer in all signal jammer stores. The signal jamming frequency includes GSM CDMA 3G 4G WIFI with an interference radius of up to 40 meters.

handheld signal jammers

N8P Portable GPS Lojack WiFi 2G 3G 4G Jammer Powerful

2019 new 8 bands portable GPS jammer, can shield 2G 3G 4G WiFi Lojack signal, powerful power and interference range, the maximum interference radius is up to 25 meters.

High Power super jammer box shape

High Power GSM 3G 4G Phone WIFI GPS Jammer Sound Box Shape

This adjustable high power frequency jammer block all common signal types,as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS,ect.It can be used for large occasions such as courts, schools, prisons, etc.Jamming radius up to 100 meters.

powerful signal jammer wifi lojack

High power Jammer Signal Frequencies Jamming Device Adjustable

8 Bands Desktop high power blocker device (adjustable) jamming all GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signal and GPS WIFI lojack,jamming radius up to 50 meters. 

desktop drone signal jammer higher power

Desktop Drone Blocker Jammer Blocking WIFI 2.4G GPS 5.8GHz

8 bands high power rf jammer for remote control planes,jamming wireless 2.4GHz, GPS L1 - L5,5.8GHz. jamming radius up 35 meters,protect effective areas from being photographed.

rf powerful cell jammer blocker

Desktop LoJack Blocker UHF VHF WIFI GPS Cell Phone Jammers

12 antenna powerful rf jammer can jamming with common signal types. GSM+3G+4G+WiFi+GPS+VHF+UHF is the basic signal type.Lojack,433 or 315 depends on your needs. Jamming radius up 70 meters.

high power 16 bands jammer blocker

Powerful Jammer 3.5G Blocker Jamming WiFi GPS UHF VHF 315MHz

16 antennas signal jammer circuit blocker can interfere with all common frequencies  signal types. Including 3.5G WiFi GPS VHF UHF and mobile phone signals.Jamming radius up 70 meters.

portable 10 antennas cell phone jammer

10 Bands Portable WiFi GPS Lojack Phone Jammer Powerful

This is a multi-band handheld wifi and mobile phone signal jammer with 10 antennas, jamming 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi 2.4G/5.8G, GPS L1 - L5, Lojack, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF+CDMA450, 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz, radius up to 20 meters, convenient for anywhere.

TX-100W 10channel engineering wifi jammer phone signal shielding device

TX-100W 10channel engineering wifi jammer phone signal shielding device

The cell phone signal blockers provide GSM+3G+4G signals group. Jamming with GSM+3G+GPS+WIFI group and GSM+3G+UHF+VHF. It has excellent heat dissipation, the jamming radius up to 40 meters.

8 Antennas Adjustable signal Blocker The Latest phone Signal Jammer

8 Antennas Adjustable signal Blocker The Latest phone Signal Jammer

The wireless jammer can jamming CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G 4G WIFI frequencies. With a good cooling system, the interference radius is adjustable up to 40 meters.This desktop adjustable phone blockers has delicate shapes with 5 bands suitable for office,home. 


high power signal jammer for you

High power signal jammers are a powerful device and are used in a wide range of areas, known as learning, reading rooms, and churches. In the background of today's noise pollution, people pay more attention to the elimination of noise, big to industrial noise, small to mobile phone ringtone, which has attracted the attention of relevant institutions. For cell phone rings caused by noise, the cell phone jammer is a good solution tool, this is just for some small range, office and home use portable cell phone jammer, and large venues, schools are using high power wall cell phone jammer, only need one switch, when you need to use the open, in all the work within the scope of the mobile phone will stop working. A kind of adjustable disturbance radius size high power cell phone jammers you also can use in your home, in order not to affect the use of the neighbor cell phone, you can switch to interfere with your home only the radius of the area.

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