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Signal jammer frequency band

Understand the signal jammer frequency band and select the type of signal jammer.In a certain frequency range, mobile communications and base stations are connected by radio waves to complete data and sound transmission in a certain baud rate and modulation mode. In the process of work, the shield will be scanned at the low end of the channel at a certain speed. The scanning speed can be used to detect the noise in the mobile communication receiver signal. The mobile communication cannot detect the normal data from the base station, so that the mobile communication can not connect with the base station. Mobile communication is the search network, no signal, no service system and so on.

Signal Jamming devices

Shielding is an effective measure to avoid electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference is mainly caused by the propagation of electromagnetic waves. During the propagation of electromagnetic waves, the metal materials not only can not pass through, but also will be forced to change direction along the metal materials. If the metal material is coated in the shielding of the equipment or wire that is to be shielded, and connected to the earth through the grounding line, the electromagnetic wave that may cause interference will flow to the earth through the grounding line, and the signal in the shielded equipment or conductor can be transmitted normally, thus avoiding electromagnetic interference. That's how the signal jammer circuit works.

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