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Home desktop multiband WiFi signal jammer

With the development of science and technology, WiFi coverage has become more and more large, which is almost ubiquitous in WiFi. This has greatly facilitated the use of the Internet and saved people more mobile phone traffic. As we all know, the current rate of mobile phone traffic is very expensive. But the problem with that child addicted to Internet and you don't study hard, you love playing online games and don't spend time with you, more important is your WiFi may be attacked by the criminals, and then steal your information. Therefore, you need a home desktop multiband WiFi signal jammer to solve these problems.Desktop interference instrument has the characteristics of high power interference in the use of space and range are wider than the handheld design, often use desktop wifi jammer is large theatre, prisons, schools, conference rooms, state organs and other important places.Wifi jammers are very popular on the Internet, for family use, usually desktop design is better, the design of the desktop just like your router, can put in corner, won't take up too much space, your major is your children don't know what it is, they don't know this will interfere with the signal they play games, won't get them off.When mobile phone users drive down the street, the signal is passed from tower to tower like a football. Cell phone jammers can be transmitted at exactly the same radio frequency as those used for these wireless devices. Therefore, it will simultaneously block the signal as necessary. Wireless signal interceptors are designed to be easy to use in different situations. Not only can you block the cell phone signal, but you can also block the GPS tracking signal as needed by setting it to the correct frequency.

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High Power Desktop Multiband Cell Phone WiFi Blocker


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GPS GSM 3G 4G UHF/VHF WiFi Signal Jammer Blocker


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8 Bands Desktop Signal Device 2/3/4G WiFi Bluetooth Jammer


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GPS GSM 3G Wireless Signal Jammer Blocker Adjustable


The wifi network is developing rapidly. Almost every household has its own wifi. It is convenient for people in the family to visit the Internet, whether you use it to play games or watch video. Not only you, but also your children. Your child addicted to wifi network to play mobile game is not very good behavior, the child is the main task of the study, wifi radiation may also affect their healthy growth, so here recommend to you home desktop multi-function wifi signal jammers are the devices that you need.

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GSM/3G/4G Phone Jammer GPS WIFI UHF/VHF Blocker


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Adjustable Cell Jammer GSM/3G/4G GPS WIFI Signals


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High Power Signal Jammer Cell UHF VHF 315 LoJack


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Black Desktop Drone Jammer UAV Blocker Jamming WIFI GPS 5GHz


These are some of the WiFi signal jammers that are suitable for household use. Using WiFi signal jammers can solve some common problems. The most important thing is to protect personal information and privacy. Buy a WiFi jammer, so that the lawbreakers don't have a chance.Powerful desktop jammer can interfere with the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), if your community has a lot of people playing remote control plane, so you should have this kind of interference of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) equipment, you can protect the safety of your home, not be photographed by the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), or a drone hit the glass of your home.



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