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Handheld portable wireless bluetooth jammer

Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology, as long as the matching between the two devices for data transmission, uses a 2.4 GHZ frequency band transmission, with the progress of technology, bluetooth transmission has multiple versions, bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth 3.0 are common. The limitation of bluetooth transmission is that the distance is short, the transmission is safe, and no data traffic is required. So many manufacturers use it on hardware and other devices. If you want to stop the transmission of bluetooth, what can be done? Here is a wireless bluetooth jammer device.The development of science and technology lead to the development of the wifi jammer device, appeared on the market a handheld portable wireless bluetooth jammer device, the jammer can not only interfere with WiFi, bluetooth signals, can also interfere with GPS, mobile phone signal, etc. With this kind of interference device, it is very convenient for you to travel safely, protect your whereabouts, avoid the leakage of personal information, and choose a jammer you like to purchase.

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Here to show you the many handheld jammer, they have a number of antenna is different also, in the majority with 4 to 6 antenna, we can see from here, the antenna is much less than the antenna jammer interference signal interference signal types, it is a common problem. A device with five antennas or six antennas is excellent, which can interfere with the usual signals that you can buy here.

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Hand-held wireless bluetooth jammers because of its characteristics such as compact, easy to carry, powerful, make it the most popular in the market, is the best selling jammer device for the individual, this kind of equipment use range is very wide, the interference of the radius is big, can be in homes, offices, cars and other occasions. It's a good choice.



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