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New product  of signal jammers customer good graces on jammer-buy sale

With the development of science and technology as well as people living standard rise, signal jammer is becoming more and more important, in the life of people can't seem to live without it, and because of the development of science and technology brought about by the intelligent device continuously increased, especially smart phones, has been developing rapidly in recent years, global popularity, all kinds of smart phones has entered people's lives, it provides a lot of convenience for people's life, problems are always exist. For noise brought by the mobile phone makes people tired, more harassing phone calls, let more people choose to use a mobile phone jammers installation where prohibited to use mobile phones, mobile phones is prohibited by the compulsory measures.

Here are presented the new arrival jamming devices of jammer-buy.com  which are able to jam all most popular bands including GSM, CDMA , 3G, 4G cell phone frequencies, GPS and WiFi signals. They are very popular and the trending of the market.About jammer-buy.com store all of the new product you will see here, these products are our design according to customer requirements, whether it is up and the function, or appearance on modelling is to meet the demand of customers. We according to the use of different places, different people make different signal jammer, more complete on the function, can block the signal spectrum, more here include mobile phone jammer, GPS jammers, wifi jammer, bluetooth jammer, uavs jammer, you need most jammer can get here. We are committed to provide you with high quality products, affordable prices, we will provide maximum meet your needs, you can buy from us you are satisfied with the products we have been pursued. If you have any questions, you can contact us on the page and we will solve it for you in the first place.

multifunctional gps wifi lojack jammer

Portable cell phone GPS LoJack Tracking Blocker 2G 3G 4G WiFi Jammer

This portable signal jammer device jamming multiple signals such as GSM/3G/4G LTE,WiFi,GPS/LoJack tracking signal. Handheld wireless jammer disturbance radius up 30 meters.

portable powerful phone blocker

New 8 Bands Handheld Cell Phone WiFi 2.4G 5.8G Jammers

Portable 2G 3G 4G signal jammer can also interfere with wifi 2.4G/5.8G, GPS/lojack band, with a interference radius of about 20 meters.

6 bands phone gsm 3g 4g jammer

Handheld GPS WIFI GSM 3G 4G LTE Mobile Phone Frequency Jammer

Portable mobile signal jammer block GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFI.Handheld design convenient for your outdoor jamming.The maximum jamming radius up 20 meters. It perhaps the most popular mobile jamming device in the world.

desktop cell phone 5g jammers

Newest desktop powerful GSM 3G 4G 5G phone frequency jammer

This is the first 5G signal jammer in all signal jammer stores. The signal jamming frequency includes GSM CDMA 3G 4G WIFI with an interference radius of up to 40 meters.

packet mini gsm 3g jamming blocker

Handheld Pocket GPS Tracking Jammer GSM WiFi 3G Signal Blocker

Handheld pocket jammer jamming GSM+3G, GPS, WiFi signal types depends on your choice.Easy to hide and use,the maximum jamming radius up 10 meters, removable battery, delivery car charger, so you can use it anywhere that you want to jamming the signal.

mini usb gps blockers for phone/pc

Mini Portable USB GPS Frequency Jammer Easy Hidden and Use

This U disk design gps signal jammer for anti satellite tracking, mini shape make it easy carry and hidden, usb port design can be used directly for your phone, computer and car. For such a small shape, the 5 meter interference radius is the most powerful.

portable armband gsm 3g 4g phone jammer

Portable Hidden Antenna GSM 3G 4G GPS Blocker or WiFi Jammer

The signal jammer has a wide range of jamming frequencies, can block many phone signal as CDMA GSM DCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax. The GPS or WiFi blocked depend on your choice. Easy carry and hidden,can be carried on the arm,jamming radius up 20 meters.

handheld signal jammers

N8P Portable GPS Lojack WiFi 2G 3G 4G Jammer Powerful

2019 new 8 bands portable GPS jammer, can shield 2G 3G 4G WiFi Lojack signal, powerful power and interference range, the maximum interference radius is up to 25 meters.

high power waterproof cell jammers

Waterproof Mobile Phone Signal Jammer WIFI Wall Type For School

The ultra powerful waterproof phone signal jammers jamming range wide, radius up to 100 meters, can be hung on the wall, specially designed for big occasions, in schools, prisons, courts, factories and other places have a wide range of applications.

Extreme power phone jammer

High Power Multifunction Signal Jammer LoJack Blocker Adjustable

14 antennas high power desk signal jammer can jamming with all cell phone signals,  LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz. Adjustable jamming radius, maximum jamming radius 70 meters.

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Jamming 868,315,433MHz,the car remote control jammer has a radius of 30-100 meters.

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

It's very hard to be found out when you put it in the cigarette case.The small 3G GSM mobile jammer is designed for you to block the cell phone secretly.

pocket gsm jammers for sale

Cell Phone Signal Block Bag GSM Jamming Bag

The portable GSM jamming bag block cell phone signals when you put the phone in it. It's convenient for you to carry and ban cell phone harassment

drone killer jammer for sale

6 Bands High Quality Drone Jamming Device WIFI GPS 5.8GHz Blocker

This UAV signal jammer can effectively ban remote control plane surveillance, block WIFI GPS 5.8GHz 868 912 433 434MHz Frequencies,protect your own location privacy. It can jamming radius up 500 meters.

super powerful jammer

High Power Cell Phone UHF VHF 315 LoJack Tracking Signal Jammer

6 bands high power signal jammers supports wide jamming frequencies including phone signals,WIFI,GPS,UHF,VHF and LoJack, Jamming radius up 120 meters.

6 Bands desktop high power 4g jammer

Desk 6 Bands GSM 3G 4G Signal Jammer WiFi Blocker

The high power mobile phone jammer is a jamming device designed with a built-in fan and 6 antennas. It is a 15W powerful jammer that can block the signal of 3G 4G CDMA GSM DCS PCS and WiFi. The jamming radius can reach up to 40 meters.

High power desktop wireless phone jammer online

5 Bands Desktop High Power Cell Phone WiFi Signal Jammer Adjustable

The wireless jammer can jamming CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G 4G WIFI frequencies. With a good cooling system, the interference radius is adjustable up to 40 meters.

This desktop adjustable phone blockers has delicate shapes with 5 bands suitable for office,home. Jamming 3G 4G CDMA GSM DCS PHS WIFI. With good heat dissipation system can ensure work for a long time.

Wearable Mini Camera WiFi Camera Motion Detection HTP113

Wearable Mini Camera WiFi Camera Motion Detection HTP113

The multi-functional HD video camera is very small and can stick to the surface of your clothes, bicycle, wall, cabinet, etc, which makes it very easy to use.

gsm mobile jammer

Hidden Photo Frame Mobile Phone Jammer Jamming GSM 3G 4G

The hidden GSM 3G 4G cell phone jammer like photo-frame which can be mounted on the wall has a noble and elegant design with jamming radius up to 50 meters.It's a perfect gadget for indoor cell phone signal jamming.

8 bands high power wifi blockers bluetooth

Desktop High Powered Jamming Device WiFi Bluetooth GSM 3G 4G

8 bands high powerful Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammers also can jamming with GSM 3G 4G frequency. The jamming radius up to 40m. It is the most used signal jamming device in home or office.

This desktop powerful  blocker jammer can jamming with GSM,3G,4G,WiFi,bluetooth. Good heat dissipation performance make sure to work long hours.Jamming radius up 40 meters.

2018 most popular high power desktop Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammers that interferes with GSM, 3G, 4G, wireless signals.During the  signal jammer woking, stopped all the phone device signals with the radius range of 40m.