A malicious APP threat to our security phone

With the development of smart phones, people living standard rise, people growing demand for mobile phone APP, and each big mobile phone APP developers are also gradually increase investment in mobile phone APP, appeared many kinds of mobile phone APP in the market, mainly divides into the system class, the multimedia class, games, and service life, etc. You can find many similar apps in the application market. How do you know which APP is better? How do you ensure the security of your downloaded APP? These have become a concern for many smartphone users.

As we know, now many of the applications require access to the information of our, some programs also have to agree to certain permissions can be normal use, the domineering rogue software brings us a convenient, but it may pose a safety hazard, because it is for our position, dial telephone calls and such permissions, as far as these permissions, is very likely to track our locations, or eavesdrop on our phone conversation, even recording and so on, and then by some illegal means to blackmail, it is extremely dangerous to us. So what can be done to solve these problems? There are a lot of ways you can't use this kind of software, but now many of the apps in the market need permissions to run better. In order to protect the cell phone information security as well as our personal property safety, the vast majority of people will use cell phone jammer diy, they buy online mobile phone jammer, can block cell phone signals, signal shielding some possible tapped, so as to ensure the safety of their mobile phones.

Smartphone APP in a wide range of designs in to enrich our life, however, some APP, by a malicious program fee, steal information, control the user's phone, become a potential security "bomb".

A variety of APP, make the smartphone mobile "game room", add a lot of interest to life. A lot of people have had this kind of experience, play the game, will be deducted the text. At the beginning of the year, it was revealed that children played mobile games on mobile games, and the children were exposed to the problems in the software market.

Question, after investigation, the APP can be divided into malicious deduction, privacy, stealing, remote control, spread malicious, consumption rates, system failure, cajoles fraud and hooliganism eight classes, small APP, actually contains so many "trap", and mostly from the application of large, well-known mall, such as samsung, cool, 91 portal APP store. The download channel is so "famous and fair" that the software is hard to distinguish. Users who are less careful, fall into the "trap" of the software, and the pit is only awkward to accept.

Before the APP goes live, it must be carefully tested and carefully reviewed. Why is it that the problem software can be used in the APP store? There are "natural malformations" of malicious exploitation, and there are "acquired" regulatory deficiencies.

Mobile phone security is related to the mobile phone system itself, but it is also related to the APP in our mobile phone. The malicious mobile APP is more threatening to our mobile phone.By comparison with IOS and Android security index understand mobile phone security and threat of the APP.

The same type of software market is highly competitive, and the diversity of market demand is no longer the one with the downloads. The use of the process to add "cat", reducing the "purity" of the software, seems to be able to defraud the early adopters, but will be reported in the long run. For those problems that have been reported, the APP can not be completely eliminated, another "vest" is online again, and "evil" is also in a vicious circle. The issue of "loopholes" frequently flukes away, and where is the regulation of software download platform?

Android open source and open, intelligent aims to develop a broader market, but if the market, malicious software, user for "smart", I'm afraid will pause. To make "smart" more hui people, to severely punish the developers of the malicious APP at the source, download the platform to strictly review, fulfill the monitoring obligations, and let the problem APP have no escape form. Meanwhile, it is recommended that users should not use the website, qr code, link and other downloading channels. When downloading the software, they should pay attention to the protection of personal information and form the habit of "minimizing the authorization".