IOS and Android system security index contrast

With the development of mobile devices, we know that the mainstream mobile terminal systems in the market are mainly iOS and Android. There is a lot of information about them on the Internet, and there is a wide variety of claims, and more attention is focused on their safety, because security is the most important issue for users. The security of the mobile phone system represents the security of the mobile phone, which is of great importance to our own security. In addition to the security features of the mobile phone system, more and more people are using cell phone blocker jammer to further protect their mobile phones. What kind of mobile phone do you use? What about its security? Here's a security index for the security of iOS and Android.

A mobile security company said in a report Tuesday, although apple mobile applications to its strict audit makes its security is better than that of android devices, but the network attacker still there are several ways to steal data from the iOS device. The report looks at the risk factors for user platforms and concludes that companies are at risk of data leakage regardless of which platform they use.

According to a survey by mobile Security firm Marble Security, "the iOS and android systems are not necessarily more secure than the other." Whether it's allowing employees to use iOS devices and android devices, there's no difference in the safety risk index that companies have.

The report showed that the only source of apps for iOS devices that didn't break out was the App Store, which apple closely monitors potential malware applications. In addition to GuGe Play, android users are more selective about the market, and these markets may not be able to analyze malware applications.

Apple's iOS also has another small advantage, that its devices are less fragmented. By contrast, android devices are more fragmented. According to Marble Security, there are 11,868 devices running numerous versions of android.

The android versions "may have security vulnerabilities, outdated patch levels, risk profiles, or unsafe factory installers," the report said.

However, the report says there are still multiple channels for iOS. For example, an App that doesn't exist in an App Store can be installed on a non-jailbreak device using TestFlight. TestFlight is a platform for distributing application testing to select user groups.

"Android devices can get applications more easily through non-audit sites, and there are a number of ways for iOS devices to install applications, which can cause problems for businesses," says Marble.

The report shows that the risks to iOS come from device management configurations that can be delivered through a web site. Such cyber-attacks require social engineering to lure someone into a website and persuade him to install a malicious configuration.

Marble says, but "if the user has installed a malicious configuration file, the enterprise is traffic blocked, false application installation, complex phishing site and the risk of advanced persistent threat. We've seen a lot of tricks to trick users into installing these profiles."

With the security index comparison below, you can clearly see which system is better for iOS and Android.

ios and android contrast

Security is only relative and wants to better protect your phone's security, and you need to do additional protection, such as using a cell phone blocker jammer, in addition to the system's own security.

Android mobile phones and the iOS system is the main mobile phone market, although in many performance, iOS mobile phone is a lot higher than the android mobile phone, but Android phones dominate the mobile phone market.