Studies show that wifi radiation harms children more than expected

With the development of mobile smart devices, wifi network has been greatly developed and wifi coverage has become more and more large. You can connect the wifi network anywhere, including restaurants, libraries, stations and other public places. We have to admit that the wifi network does bring a lot of benefits to people's life, which greatly facilitates our demand for the Internet. Let us not consider these problems at high rate of flow.

The coverage of wifi network satisfies our basic network requirements. But there are also public safety issues. For example, wifi network security, wifi radiation problem. There are a lot of issues about the security of wifi, and the Internet has a lot of these articles, and the wifi security involves our information security, our property security, and these are the places that we need to pay attention to. As for the issue of wifi radiation, you may think that radiation problems are widespread in the age of science and technology, which is not surprising to us, but very few people attach importance to this issue. Wifi radiation can bring many problems, especially for children's health. Radiation may cause one of the causes of cancer. With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more attention to health problems, so the radiation problem of wifi has become an urgent problem to be solved. And, of course, different people have different ways to liberation, but according to everything has its vanquisher. Point of view, and more people choose to use desktop wifi jammer, this to solve the problem of wifi radiation really is a good solution.

Perhaps the cancer international research institute (IRIC) website is a daunting place, as there are various types of cancer entries, the causes of cancer, and so on. Is the most terrible is from radio, TV, microwave oven, telephone and some wi-fi equipment of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF), because they are also one of the origins of cancer, which yet is unable to leave things in People's Daily life.

Today, The journal Microscopy and Ultrastructure has published an article titled Why children absorb more radiation than adults: The consequences. The article points out that children are not only more likely to absorb certain amounts of radiation than adults, and that people are currently setting too low levels of radiation.

Forbes reporter Robert j. Szczerba wrote: "according to the contents of the thesis, children and fetuses, the reason will absorb more microwave radiation, because their body is relatively small, the skull is thinner, and the brain is more absorb force." In addition, he also pointed out that the human body in RF/EMF exposure with brain and salivary gland cancer, adhd, and reduce the link between the number of sperm, for those who put mobile phone in the bra for women, is likely to cause breast cancer. Studies have shown that it takes 30 years or longer to get from exposure to a cancer-causing substance to a final cancer.

As for the radiation problem of electronic products, we should know that the most recent radiation problem is the radiation of mobile phone and wifi router. As for wi-fi radiation, research has shown that it affects children more than we think.The radiation of wifi can affect the healthy growth of children. Using wifi interferometer can prevent the radiation problem of wifi, and the wifi jammer is harmless to human body.

The main points of the study are as follows:
Since fetuses are more vulnerable to radiation than children, pregnant women should avoid exposing the fetus to microwave radiation.
Adolescent girls and women should not put their phones in their bras or headscarves;
The mobile phone specification has confirmed that the problems caused by excessive radiation do exist;
The government has issued a warning, but most people don't;
Current exposure limits are not sufficient and should be revised;
Wireless devices are wireless transmitters that cannot be used as toys. Desktop Wifi jammer can be used to block signals from wifi networks to avoid radiation.