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Portable fashion cell phone GPS jammer


As you can see it is 4 antenna golden GSM, 3 g, GPS signal jammer interference has a strong function, distribution has a shoulder strap, make it easier to carry, you can use in the home, not only can carry over to the outdoor use, if you need a mobile phone GPS jammer, I recommend it for you.

The stylish and portable design makes it popular with customers. The cool modeling enables customers to find it in numerous signal jammers and is deeply attracted by it. Not only to attract customers in modeling and performance, but also very competitive in price, it is one of the most characteristic mobile phone jammers in the whole network.

With the development of GPS tracking technology, people developed something new to deal with GPS tracking, that is to use the GPS blocker jammers, it can block the GPS signal, let your whereabouts is not found, the current production of GPS jamming equipment has a powerful function, can interfere with cell phone signal, at the same time also have the ability to interfere with wifi, this to solve the problems you may encounter a plays an important role.

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