Android 8.0's 10 new features

Update quickly, with the development of science and technology, the Android system in the operation of memory and memory of fuselage had certain enhancement, appeared a lot of new features, also gradually be guaranteed in terms of safety performance. However, because of android's open source nature, there will be some insecure factors, and you should also pay attention to your mobile phone information security when using these new features. Is not only the safety of the mobile phone, we should all know now, there are a lot of our information is on the phone, and our mobile application binding a lot of our bank card, and the information such as id card, this is our most important information involved, and now the mainstream still belong to 4 g LTE network, using 4G LTE jammer will better protect your information security.

On August 23, Google quietly released an official version of Android 8.0. The new system has been updated in many aspects, such as fluency, security and functionality, and the new system is "strong, safe, fast, smart and seamless".

While Google is a great introduction to a new set of android 8.0 features, what are the new features that are most worthy of our upgrade?Here is a detailed introduction.

Optimize background management: farewell to caton

The idea of improving system fluency prior to native android is from the bottom layer, such as android 4.4 introducing ART mode instead of traditional Dalvik mode. However, due to the abuse of the application rights of many rogue app in China, various kinds of self-revelation and mutual awakening, only change the bottom layer and have nothing to use, the electricity consumption and the fever problem have not been solved.

In android 8.0, Google is finally starting to do the backstage. Some of the phone's less popular apps will be forced to stop, making the phone more power-efficient. At the same time, it also added the background limit function to avoid the effect of overrefresh location information.

2 times faster: boot is comparable to running rocket

In the past, manufacturers were trying to optimize the speed of the system, but they didn't pay much attention to the speed of the shutdown. Because the system switchgear has been waiting too long, it's a nightmare for some of the removable battery models. Android 8.0 is "twice as fast" in this regard, and Google Pixel is about twice as fast as android 7.1.1 on android 8.0.

Notification point: the utility is comparable to 3D Touch

3D Touch is a very popular feature in recent years, and its function is to call out the function menu by applying it to the screen. Android 8.0 introduced notice point is app after receiving the notice, will be in the top right-hand corner of the icon to generate a round dots (adaptive) color, long press the dot can show the app recently notification, click enter, sliding, at the same time also provides application information entry.

In the original painting: a top two

Original identify screen, similar to the android 7.0 android 8.0 supports native picture in picture, although the two function in some third-party android customization system is very common, but the introduction of original system is good for all android phones.
In android 8.0, the user can be used in the same interface under two different app, one of the app will be floating on the surface in the form of a small window, the user can adjust its location and control state, thus easily implement multiple window control app.

Native support for LDAC

It's not a coincidence that SONY's launch of android 8.0 this year has something to do with the bigger contribution to the new android system. Among them, SONY and Google have teamed up to enhance bluetooth audio codec in android 8.0, which not only supports SONY's own LDAC, but also allows the choice of apt-X HD, AAC, SBC and other options.

Real-time application

The popularity of WeChat's small program lets people see the future trend of mobile APP: no installation, easy sharing, etc. Google also enhanced this idea in android 8.0, launching the "instant app" feature. It allows you to directly open an app by clicking on the url, provided that the application you access supports this feature.

Adaptive icon

Since android is an open source system, there is no set of uniform rules at the UI level, which also provides the inherent conditions for domestic manufacturers to play a variety of custom interfaces. But also because of all kinds of icon design, resulting in various styles can not be unified. Android 8.0 has been added to the "adaptive icon" feature, in a nutshell, to allow your icon to form a relatively uniform shape that looks more harmonious.

Instant AOD

Android 8.0 added the "instant AOD" feature, and its biggest highlight, compared with the traditional AOD (always bright), was the ability to show the clock when picking up the phone, and the screen after 10 seconds. At the same time, when the phone is charging, access the charger to display time, after the screen.

New emoji

Emoji has become a popular way for Internet users, while iOS 11 and android 8.0 have added a lot of emojis. Not only has android 8.0 added more than 60 new designs, it has also thrown away the design of "pudding" in the form of personification and hyperbole.

Automatic fill and text selection

Android 8.0 to join the function of automatic filling and text selection, "autofill" can automatically fill in the login information in the app, you only need to input the user name can be displayed automatically save the password. "Text selection" is when you select a particular type of text, and the relevant application will be displayed on the menu, such as the location name selected, which will display the Google map menu.

The android 8.0 system has been in use for a long time, but the actual usage rate on mobile phones with Google: Android 8.0 in December 2017 only 0.5%.

Introducing the new features of android 8.0, which one do you prefer? Although the Android system is constantly upgrading, it is becoming more and more perfect in every aspect, but there are drawbacks. Because of the open source nature of Android, many manufacturers can use Android to develop mobile phones and develop Android APP applications, which will involve personal phone and information security. In the module of information security, there is still a problem with this or that. Admittedly, android is becoming more and more useful, you just have to worry about your security.