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Google: Android 8.0 in December 2017 only 0.5%


We know that Android and iOS are the major operating systems for mobile devices today, and they compete with each other and move forward to seize the mobile market. Currently, Android has been introduced to the Android 8.0 version of the system, and iOS has been introduced to iOS 11. Their safety relative to the previous version has a certain improvement, in terms of other performance is also better than the previous system, but why Android 8.0 market share is still so low? Most people think that the new system in many aspects while the system is better than before, but in stability and some other aspects there are a lot of loopholes, so there would be many users do not have updated to the 8.0 version of the system, which is understandable. If you've upgraded to Android 8.0, will you worry about some of its security and vulnerabilities? If you are still worried about these, you can flash, reduced the system version to the original system, on the other hand, you can use a portable cell phone jammer, it also has a mobile phone security protection in result, it has got the authentication of users.

Google Android and apple iOS have been in fierce competition since 2008. Although iOS's notification system has been teased by many people, Android's system upgrade and fragmentation has been a problem for a long time. According to the state data released by Google on Monday, the latest Android 8.0 Oreo released on August 21 is currently only 0.5 percentage points.

In contrast, iOS 11, which was released on September 19th this year (almost a month later than Android 8.0), was already running on 59% of iOS devices on December 4th. (iOS 10 is 33%, and earlier version only 8%).

The security of android phones has always been a controversial issue. Although android system is constantly being upgraded, security still exists. Recently, there are some bugs security problems with android 8.0 system.

What do you think is better for Android and iOS, by contrast? Which new version of the system is more popular? You can easily see it.