The mobile phone virus comes from android

The safety of our mobile phones involves our information security and property security. Now the personal information leak is serious, causing us to different degrees of loss, especially in the harassment phone. What are the main factors that affect the safety of mobile phones? On the one hand, the security of mobile phones is related to the security of the mobile phone system itself, and android phones are less secure. On the other hand, the security of mobile phones is related to the security of mobile phone connection network. Free wifi network is vulnerable to attack, and mobile phones connected to wifi will be affected. Both factors could lead to the virus in mobile phones, and research shows that the virus mainly comes from android.

We know mobile phone virus on our mobile phones harm is very big, the effects on the us is also very big, the virus protection, we have taken different measures to deal with, we often use the mobile phone antivirus software, to some extent, it can protect your mobile phone security, mainly in terms of remind, such as some unsafe link will remind you careful to enter. Another method is to use a cheap cell phone jammer to protect, with the development of science and technology, mobile phone viruses also continuously upgrade, in the war of antiviral, cell phone jammers to obtain the very good development and use, has played a vital role.

According to the computer and network security service providers f-secure Finland released the security threats in the second half of 2013, according to a report in 2013, the number of malicious software on Android platform accounted for 97% of the overall number of mobile malware, while the proportion was 79% in 2012. The number of Android malware increased from 238 in 2012 to 804 last year, the report said. In addition to Android and symbian, f-secure has not found new threats on other mobile platforms.

Of the top ten countries that were tested in the second half of last year, the largest number of malware in the world, the number of malware in Saudi Arabia and India is 75%, the first is 42%, and the other is 33%. That compares with 5% in the U.S. and 15% of the five European countries in the report. The report notes that third-party app stores are where Android malware is rampant. Malicious software accounts for less than 10 percent of the four major app store monitoring samples, such as anzhi, wood ants, baidu, and uber, which are commonly used by Chinese users.

The highest proportion of malware in any app store is Android159, and 33.3 percent of apps are considered malware. The lowest proportion was GuGe Play, which was just 0.1 percent.

F-secure believes that this is most likely due to the Google Play deleting the malicious program in time.

With the popularity of smart mobile devices, safety performance is more important than before, people for their own safety equipment and especially attention, in addition to their own mobile phone use anti-virus software, more and more people tend to use mobile phone jammers to protect the safety and protection of mobile phone virus invasion.

Cell phone viruses threaten our cell phone security, theft of the data we store in our phones, which is not allowed for me, so we worry about whether the phone has been invaded by the virus. The latest report says an android virus could disable cell phone batteries, and click here for more information.

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