2015 Chinese cell phone user network security situation

With the upgrading of the mobile phone network and the upgrading of smart phones, the problem of network security becomes more and more prominent, and the protection of mobile phone network security becomes an urgent problem to be solved. In the face of the current Internet insecurity, people are more cautious, which involves too much scope.

China Internet network information center (CNNIC) has released a report on the security situation of Chinese mobile Internet users in 2015. The report shows that by the end of 2015, the scale of domestic mobile phone users has reached 620 million, with the popularity of mobile 4 g networks, O2O services, mobile phone shopping and mobile payment business such as rapid development, more and more users' personal information through the Internet to all kinds of application services, Internet users of mobile phone information security environment has become increasingly complex, the security situation is not optimistic.Mobile phone network security concerns our property security, protecting mobile phone network security is to protect our property security. As a result, some people have chosen to use cell phone signal blocker to protect their property from protecting their phones.

The harassment of information security incidents is frequent, the means of stealing user information tends to be hidden

In 2015, the number of domestic mobile phone information security incidents increased significantly and gradually showed a trend of polarization. On the one hand, the user coverage rate of harassment, advertising phone and advertisement illegal SMS is higher than that of the users who make direct economic losses. On the other hand, through the mobile phone virus, malware to steal user information means more and more concealed, most users after being stolen personal information is very difficult to detect, has not been its user coverage reached 20%. Not to be overlooked, although users perceive a lower proportion, mobile virus and malware affected the population in 2015.

Websites and telecom fraud are emerging, and users still need to strengthen their awareness of security risks of all kinds of mobile phones

The continuous expansion of smartphone functions enables it to provide services to users in more and more scenarios, but the risks associated with it are also increasing. Around with the development of economy, expansion of mobile Internet infrastructure public wi-fi, qr code, more prone to security issues, such as pseudo base station makes mobile phone users do not have security risk prevention consciousness is more likely to suffer economic losses. Due to fraud phone text messages, fishing, used most of mobile security issues like privacy authorization can be avoided, rely on the user's own awareness thus improve user perception of all kinds of security risks and establish the awareness is a priority. The survey found that nearly half of all mobile phone users in China have a lack of basic security awareness about the security risks of various types of mobile phones, such as public wi-fi and qr codes.

The penetration rate of mobile phone security software is relatively high, and the protection function is the primary factor of users

According to the statistics of China's 37th Internet development situation, the number of domestic mobile phone security software users reached 450 million as of December 2015, accounting for 72.6 percent of the total number of mobile phone users. Through investigating the use of mobile phone security software user found that mobile phones security complete function is the user to select the first element of security software, in addition to product safety and convenience operation and user attention, more than 60% of the users can choose according to these three factors mobile security software brand. From the point of installation, more than a quarter for the user's mobile phone security software is attached or system pre-loaded, show that the pre-installed is still the important channel of mobile security software vendors to promote products.

Network security means not only the security of the network, but also the network security of the mobile phone.A malicious APP threat to our security phone.This is something that needs to be taken care of, and the phone is involved in a lot of our important information.

Improve the rules and regulations to improve the mobile information security environment

To really improve the mobile phone users of information security environment, not only rely on the government and relevant departments to enforcement action, must be clear the responsibility, the convergence of mobile phone information security industry ecological efforts in-depth cooperation, to be able to effectively combat illegal and criminal behavior related to information security. This process not only requires the government to perfect the relevant laws and regulations and implementation, including mobile phone enterprise security products to users to improve information security, and user security awareness promotion and positive feedback to the mobile phone information security problem. But the survey found that the mobile phone users in a cell phone information security incident feedback of users choose to all kinds of information security alliance accounted for only 8.1%, so how to further strengthen the cooperation, to form a good feedback system of information security, high efficiency, to provide more users information security protection will be increasing domestic mobile phone information security environment is the main direction of future.

cell phone signal jammer is an intercept signal, protection of mobile phone information security, intercepting the important tool of harassing phone calls, use of cell phone jammers, our main purpose is to protect our own legitimate rights and interests, rather than use it to do something does not comply with the law. But now mobile phone jammers in many countries don't allow personal use, if you have some trouble, you can order a small power interference range of cell phone jammers, only interference in your area, can be adjusted.

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