Electronic mobile device terminals are widely used in GPS

With the development of science and technology, people's life demand is higher and higher, people pay more attention to the power of science and technology, in the aspect of artificial intelligence, people carried on the thorough research, people invented and created robots, many intelligent devices are produced, into our lives.

Currently, the smart phones on the market have built-in GPS functions, which is a typical example of GPS application.Smart phone development and GPS tracking technology.

Now the most heat is no technology, technology in this block, people developed a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has important use in our daily life, the uav can help people achieve itself cannot reach place, explore the unknown. You can use a drone to take a picture and get exactly what you want to know about it. As a result, the current worldwide popularity of drones makes you think it's fashionable to have your own drone. In addition, in no one technology, there is also a important change, that is unmanned technology, with the development of science and technology, you will see the unmanned bus, unmanned vehicles and so on. It sounds crazy, but as long as you understand how it works, you might have some idea. What is at the heart of unmanned technology? It needs to have the same capacity as our brains, even more powerful than our brains. Its application relies on GPS positioning system, with GPS positioning, to know its surroundings accurately. This is also an important embodiment of the wide application of GPS.

According to ISuppli, a market-research firm, 80% of the world's mobile phones will have GPS in 2011, up from 56% in the first quarter of 2009. With the increasing use of GPS in electronic mobile devices, GPS has become the standard for mobile devices.

Suppli points out that smartphones are replacing the PND (portable automatic navigation system) as the main platform for navigation. By 2014, consumers will have more than PND in their smartphones with navigation functions.

Apple has more than 6,000 location-based services on its APPStore. GuGe's move to acquire mobile AD provider AdMob and apple's new iAd AD platform suggests both companies are hoping to earn advertising revenue by tracking users' locations. As apple's latest I - PhoneOS4 part of the operating system, apple's new iAd advertising can be embedded in its application, so that I - Phone users in the case of not exit the program achieve interactive advertising. According to eMarketer, an Internet market trend research firm, advertising on mobile devices will grow to more than $1.5 billion by 2013, up from $416 million in 2009.

According to JagdishRebello, director and chief analyst at iSuppli, location-based services and mobile advertising are the core functions that GuGe and apple rely on for the smartphone market.

In addition, other consumer-electronics terminals are likely to use GPS more and more, and ISuppli expects 18 percent of laptops and 42 percent of handheld video devices to have GPS built-in by 2014.

The wide application of GPS technology brought many benefits to our life, on the one hand, by the time we got to a strange place, it can tell us where, some of the information and the nearby; On the other hand, GPS technology is also very convenient for me to travel and find things. But everything has two sides, and GPS positioning technology can be used by criminals to pose a threat to our personal security, such as GPS tracking. If you're worried about being tracked and in a dangerous environment, using a GPS blocker device is a good option.

We believe that with the development of science and technology, GPS technology will be more widely used in various fields, especially in mobile device terminals and military aspects. The application of GPS is even more important because the current most popular devices are mobile devices and the military aspect of a country's safety.

Everything - based, with the development of GPS technology and the wide application of GPS jammers will constantly upgrading equipment, also can appear more and more multi-functional, more powerful interference device, in general the development of these technologies will bring to our life quality, improve the quality of our lives. Let's wait and see!