Nearly 50% of Android devices affected by WPA2 vulnerability

Wifi network coverage provides people with more convenient network services, connect wifi, you can do anything about the Internet, such as playing games, watching video, etc. Exist but wifi network security issues, wap2 cryptographic protocol was cracked and making a lot of wifi attack, many users have been affected, connect the wifi light information is missing, or caused the property being stolen. The security of wifi is of great importance to the people who use our wifi network. How to protect our wifi security? Understand the wifi spectrum and use a professional wireless device blocker to protect your wifi network from hackers.

Found connected encryption protocol be cracked, and demonstrates the "heavy key attack" (KRACK) behind the vulnerability of the research team, has just unveiled a specifically for Android 6.0 and above version of the mobile operating system type of attack. From Android Developer Dashboard, nearly 50 percent of active devices are affected by the WPA2 vulnerability. And in addition to Android, many Linux distributions are also facing the same threat, because the new version of the wpa_supplicant application will become KRACK attack, let the attacker without having to learn network connected pre Shared key (PSK), can easily intercept encryption wireless communication.

This attack method, based on the client's use of a "handshake" holes in WPA protocol component, it can negotiate and confirm client and wireless network equipment between the effectiveness of the encryption key.

Once the initial installation, the version of wpa_supplicant removes the encryption key from memory, allowing the researchers to insert an encryption key that is all "0" in it. On the contrary, communication can be easily intercepted through this known key.

Passwords, cookies, and other sensitive information may be included in the traffic of an intruding wireless network.

Luckily, Microsoft has already announced in last week's "patch Tuesday" repair the vulnerability, and Lineage OS custom Android ROM code base also joined the fight code after the update, Google are also expected quickly through security patches to repair the current support equipment.

Android phones connect wireless network may be limited by certain security threat, main show on mobile wifi connection, to the problem of wifi hidden using wifi jammer is important.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what kind of action the old equipment, which will not be supported, and what other manufacturers will do.

wifi wap2 safe

Czech Avast mobile security expert security software company is the United States, Europe and Asia in nine districts and the city's public wi-fi hotspots safety investigation, the main flow of the local WiFi monitoring frequency of 2.4 GHz. The results show that in Asia, WiFi users are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, and most of the WiFi hotspots are protected by some form of encryption. However, these measures are less protective, and it is easy for hackers to access the web browsing activity, search behavior, passwords, video, email and other personal information for WiFi users.

Research shows that Asia's WiFi users the most vulnerable to network attacks, more than half of the web traffic from HTTP site visit without protection, 97% of users will be connected to the open, unprotected WiFi network, in addition, set the password of the router to use the 70% weaker encryption, it is easy to hackers. Wi-fi networks in San Francisco and Barcelona seem to be doing the best job, although only 20% of WiFi networks are protected.

Users around the world tend to connect to wi-fi networks that are not securely reinforced, rather than password-protected networks. Compared with Europe and America, mobile users in Asia are most inclined to connect to an open network.

Survey from here you can see, the wifi security problem is widespread, the safest wifi network coverage is only 20%, it is conceivable that we use everyday wifi how so insecure, do you still dare to wifi Internet connection? Especially now our phones have too much information. This reflects the need for a wireless device blocker. What are you waiting for? Buy a wifi jammer that belongs to your home desktop and escort your wifi network.