Smart phone development and GPS tracking technology

Smart phones are one of the things we carry with us. With the development of the Internet, smart phones are an important tool, whether for our communication or entertainment.With the development of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturing industry, now smartphones worldwide, smart phones are divided into a, including high-end smartphone, need price is expensive, so the mid-range smartphones because its price is materially beneficial, function is complete, the sell like hot cakes in the market. Many young people now have their own smartphones. They use smart phones not only for their communication, but also for entertainment such as audio and video. For young people, they use their smartphones more often to play games. Older people are mainly in communication, but in order to spend some free time, they also gradually use some other smart phone functions.

Smartphones have the function of GPS, GPS is an important function for mobile phones, convenient people out for navigation and merchants for our location information, so as to push the related information to us. Someone recently asked,cell phone turned off GPS and was it tracked?Do you think it will follow us?

With the development of science and technology, the smartphone is no longer a high-end luxury goods, people can easily, this also is a good news for the development of economy, but for public safety civilization, has a certain impact. Now, you can see people all the time looking at their mobile phones, they use mobile phone to chat with friends chat software, using software to browse news information, the use of video software to watch video, or play games. It has had a positive impact on their lives and enriched People's Daily lives. But the rampant use of incontinence also has a certain negative effect on people's life. For example, in a quiet library, their mobile phone noise affects people who read books; In class, students use mobile phones, which affect the way of teaching and teaching. They also look at their mobile phones on the road, not only for their personal safety, but also for other people. This uncivilized and dangerous behavior should be strictly stopped.

A "do not play cell phone", seemingly simple, but contains a sense of security, responsibility. Of course, that's not enough. Only the general passenger actively involved, public service supplier, accept traffic service consumers, urban management and security, and other related department to do their job, effective coordination, tightens security this string, can provide the healthy and orderly public travel service for the masses of the people.

Reasonable use of mobile phones, do not look at the phone all the time, which is very beneficial to our own security and public safety. This is a potentially dangerous solution to your own use, but what about the dangers inside your phone?

Used mobile phones for a long time, is likely to cause myopia, damage to the eyes may be the cause of glaucoma, or deepness myopia, this is what we don't want to see, but the use of mobile phones, without restraint is likely to cause such harm.

Using mobile phones can take up a lot of our time, so that we don't have more time to learn and study things, so that people's lives become depressed and addicted to the virtual world of mobile phones. Mobile games may let your child neglect learning and relate to the future of the child. It will also alienate your family and make no communication, which is not good.

Smartphones have GPS chip, it can accurately locate our position and we want to know the location of the, with the development of GPS technology, GPS navigation map of people use mobile phones to replace the dongle device navigation, mobile navigation is more convenient and accurate. But mobile GPS can be a way for others to track you. Princeton university researchers have developed an App to verify their concept, even if it's not GPS data access to mobile phones, and in the case of a user to shut down the GPS, can also be reliable track users. The researchers say this could happen because today's smartphones are equipped with a lot of accurate sensors that can track large amounts of data. We can confirm users' location and rebuild user behavior through external sources such as altitude map and weather data.

Turning off GPS is still being tracked. How did the researchers do it?

First, the app collects the user's IP address and WiFi information, and compares it with the global public wi-fi location database to determine the approximate location of the user's phone regularly.

Then, it USES the data from the sensors in the gyroscope, accelerometer and height, to track the movement of the test object speed and direction, the position of the object stops, and the current altitude. The app then aggregates the data, using pre-trained algorithms to determine how users travel, such as walking, driving, taking the train or flying.

Once the PinMe app determines the user's initial location and mode of travel, it can draw users' travel routes based on the open map. PimMe USES a map of Google and the U.S. geological survey.
In addition, PinMe is still used for readings of temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors, and compares these data with weather conditions to validate and reinforce previous extrapolations.
Research team, said the App successfully detected test object flying from Philadelphia to Dallas, by reading the elevation and acceleration data, and mobile phone clock time zones, two airport weather will infer that the flight time and open flight time match.
Don't be surprised if you find yourself tracked by your phone's GPS, because GPS tracking is becoming more and more developed. How can we better protect our own movements and avoid being tracked?

Now many people choose to use a multifunctional cell phone signal blocker jammer, not only can this signal jammers jammer GSM signal, 3 g, 4 g signal, the GPS signals can also be jammers, wifi, the jammer is very important for the life of people, they can open it when necessary, in the home, open a jammer, prevent your child too much mobile phone use, do not love learning, let your loved ones to spend more time with you. When you go out, turn on the jammer to prevent the lawbreakers from following you and keeping you in a safe position.

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