Why does the iPhone's 2G shipping store kill android 8G in seconds?

For this problem, we should further understand the gap between the two mobile phone systems through data analysis.IOS and Android system security index contrast.

As you can often see, android phones are carrying flags to say performance.

At present, most of the phones are already 6gb of storage, even better, even to 8G.

But what about iphones? It seems that the memory of the iPhone, which is storage space, is not very clear.

In fact, the iPhone's storage is only 2G, and it hardly ever mentions it, so why does it feel like the 8G that kills android in seconds?

First ios and android background mechanism is different, the former is pseudo background (actually called intelligent background at present more appropriate, because not all cases of ios will stop the background process, such as music and games app), this means that you can take up small deposit, so ios doesnt need the universiade.

Then ios is pushing all kinds of app messages through the apple server, which means that apple can receive messages without an app, such as WeChat, which you can receive without opening it. Not but android, not exactly in the domestic (domestic ban on Google services, through Google news server push, but can be in a foreign country, so you will find that the foreign android mobile phone manufacturer is not keen to do the universiade remaining mobile phones), so the app. The whole resides in the background is very necessary, so the domestic delivery is too small do not conducive to many app backstage coexist.

Finally, I want to say that there are a lot of factors that determine the fluency of mobile phones. The storage size is just one of them, and ios is an unsurpassed effort to optimize the system.

But despite the current situation, a year later, android phones have become more fragmented, and there is a lot more to be done.

But as the android virtual machine has improved, the fluency has been improving, and the gap with the iPhone isn't as obvious as it used to be.

But because of the open platform, too many apps can be built on android, so the smooth running of the system is still a long way to go.

"For example, when you get the user's location, you know which province your users are in. If you want to open an offline store in the future, you will choose certain provinces. And get the user's address book, mainly for social contact, and recommend your friends in your address book to use the same product. The technicians said.
It is important to note that some applications in the development process will also some function modules to a third party, such as access to a cloud service module, insert a traffic statistics module and so on, these third-party companies also can be obtained from the application user permissions.
It can be seen that most of the access to private information is actually not for the convenience of users, but for the commercial interests of the application developers.
Such a light way to access and use users' privacy rights, the corresponding reality is a worrying security situation. According to the report, almost all android phones and apps have big and small holes, and once breached, users' privacy will be "streaked".
Permissions to read the messages, for example, liu told reporters, the SMW for users, its main function is to manually copy when received the authentication code, need to program automatically fill in fashionable is used, in addition, you can also easily save text content in the application.

If not careful installed message intercept trojans, you can read text message from a mobile phone, the background automatically returned to the producer of Trojan specified email or phone, this will not only make more harassing phone calls, you may also have the use of intercepted message authentication code, login payment platform, e-commerce sites are unauthorized. More patient criminals, through illegal channels to the information such as bank card account number, transaction id and the password, enter the bank on the net, direct transfer, and even help the victim several small loan application.

So do you still think your phone is safe? What do you think we should do to better protect our privacy and property information?I think there are several ways to solve this problem. First, do not install software randomly. When installing software, you can see the user rights clearly, which can solve the problem. Second, change your mobile phone and use a more secure cell phone. Both are solutions to some of the visible problems. Third, using a professional cell phone blocker, it can block your phone's signal, better protect your phone's security, and make your privacy and information more secure. It can also interfere with other people's cell phone signals, so that you can be free from the noise of the phone's ring tone and make life easier.