Android phone use techniques and security measures

More and more people using android mobile phone, but the android open source features its security is bound to limit, today for everyone gathered android eight security considerations, hope to be able to protect privacy security!

  • 1. Download the application for official developer authentication
  • Many unqualified and garbage application, involves the privacy permissions threat to users' privacy, and download and install the software in the application market, many users will skip to check the application permission to this step, so download applications need to polish eyes, be sure to download the official developer certification application, don't download unknown application, see comments can also avoid the fall for it!

  • 2. Do not install applications directly in USB mode
  • This with the first point in the same way, users often use some mobile phone assistant directly installed software, the same will skip the Android application permissions to view a, correct method is applied after download, to transmit the application to the mobile phone, and use the file manager to open and install the application on your phone, so that users can see the application required permissions list.

  • 3. Please install carefully if you see dangerous permissions
  • Involved user privacy rights include, SMS related permissions, contact permissions, geographical location permissions, photographed permissions and recording permissions, it should be noted that when it is applied in installation as the treasure to call this kind of software of communication is the need to open some relevant permissions to ensure the normal use, but if a game need to open the contact authority, do not install in order to avoid the user privacy.

  • 4. Close the location information access
  • In android system setup, it has access to a location information, this one by default, we need to shut down, so that the application will remind us when access to location information, if you determine the application requests the information useful to you, so can be turned on at this time, and at ordinary times when not in use, please close it.

  • 5. Browsers are not allowed to accept cookies
  • Cookie convenience is can save your store on the website user name, password, but the actual Cookie such behavior is easy to leak, so the safest way is to accept cookies, setting method is in the privacy and security of browser Settings, not tick to accept cookies, the disadvantage is that each landing to set up a user name and password.

  • 6. No start data network
  • Open data network, after we get the convenience is that you can access the Internet at any time, but also causes the rebound, flow rate, power consumption is high, the false data, and so on, therefore, when do not use the data network, we should be closed in time.

  • 7. Disable background process
  • This compared with a little similar to prevent application in standby automatically returns the user data, the method of open is open developers options, in applications - background process limits, set the option to not allow background processes. This setting can save power and can be used in the background to start and use user traffic to manipulate user information.

  • 8. Use security software to manage permissions
  • Root after many security software with the application of rights management, also is used in the use of relevant user permissions to users when they suggest that use of this software application can determine whether the correct use of user rights, rather than use involved user privacy permissions, this can fundamentally prevent privacy was leaked.

If you feel that these operations are in trouble, you also want to use these apps, and there is a simple way to keep your data safe. That's using a cell phone jammer diy blocker, which protects your data very well, even if you don't follow the above steps.

So, for every android smartphone user, it's a simple request, always pay attention to what your phone is doing. Your phone's privacy is in your hands. As long as you see the benefits, don't trust any unknown application. Technology could be more dangerous for longer, leading to a damaging increase in android smartphones.

Know more about The use of mobile phones and safety protection, please don't look at your phone while driving, the dangers of driving a car to see mobile phone.