The dangers of driving a car to see mobile phone

With the rapid development of the Internet and smart phones, mobile phones have become an important tool for people, and they have had an important impact on the excessive use of mobile phones. In addition to knowing that cell phone radiation harms our bodies, it poses a threat to human security on the other hand. According to online news reports, a driver watched 39 times in seven minutes, which is dangerous for driving. Have you ever seen a driver call or see a cell phone in a car?

I think everyone has this situation, maybe you also have a car to look at the time. Driving to see a mobile phone is dangerous driving behavior, which is not only irresponsible for the driver himself, but also irresponsible for the lives of passengers and others. What do you do when you encounter a driver who watches his phone frequently? We met with drivers who said it was dangerous to drive away from the phone, and some drivers would listen to you. But some of them might tell you, no problem, just relax. So what do you do with it? If you have a portble cell phone signal jammer, you will be able to open, the mobile phone signal shielding, let the driver's cell phone doesn't work, so he will be a good driver, will you reach the destination as soon as possible.

At 10:00 am. in the car, you're on the phone and you're on the phone and you're on the phone, and you're going to see how the driver is responding to the emergency and the braking distance in both cases.

Test results show that the speed of 40 MPH, normal driving conditions, six years of driving experience xu police driving santana drivers Ed brake in time, braking distance of 15 meters, compared with normal driving, driving the hatchet man machine braking distance reached 27.7 meters, because energy dispersion, reaction rate drop, 12.7 meters more than before.

So what about driving and texting? The vehicle ran directly over the test barrier, and the brake distance was over the previous section, reaching 37.2 meters! Lower your head for one second, and blind for 10 meters.

There are statistics that use mobile phones during driving, and the traffic accident rate is four to five times higher than normal driving. While driving while talking on the phone, the brain reacts more slowly than the drunk driver. This year, more than 400, 000 illegal ACTS of distracted driving, such as phone calls and mobile phones, have increased by 11 percent from last year.

Since the end of 2012, jinan has been focusing on the use of mobile phones and other traffic violations for 24 hours, and drivers will be fined 100 yuan for two minutes. "It's almost common to say that you don't drink or drink, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement about whether you're driving without a phone or looking at your phone." Last year, the chairman of the standing committee of the people's congress of chongqing put forward a proposal to "play mobile phone" in the driving of "playing mobile phone", which caused a great discussion among netizens in China. Finally, it was difficult to end up with "playing with mobile phone".

But a fresh massacre of the "phubbing" drivers is regretful. For example, a bus driver who has been talking about the Internet has seen his phone 39 times in seven minutes. The car monitors video, and he almost looks down at his phone and looks at the road ahead. As a result, when he looked at his cell phone, the bus collided with a cyclist, causing a tragedy. How dangerous is it to look down at your phone?

When driving, mobile phones are slowly steal the drivers' attention, from the point of reflection time probability, texting the probability of traffic accident accounted for 23%, meaning that texting while driving accident probability is 23 times of normal driving.

How dangerous it is to drive a cell phone. If there is an emergency, there is no time to react, or that sentence, for your own safety and safety, please don't call your cell phone.To protect our own security, having a portable phone jammer has many functions, for us.

The popularity of smart phone is a convenient tool of our lives, but is not that we make it a traffic accident, we should correct use of mobile phones, as tools to improve the quality of life. It is dangerous to drive the phone behavior, especially some public means of transportation, they involve more people's life, if you saw the bus driver to see the phone how to do?


Posted by Ornic 2018-06-16

Yes, we should appeal not to drink and drive or watch mobile phones while driving. It should even be banned, which is extremely dangerous. If the driver can't control his behavior well, it is very necessary to use the mobile phone jammer in the car.