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U.S. drone registrations topped one million

The progress of science and technology has led to the development of uav. Currently, the uav is very popular, and there are many kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the model, the uav has many functions.

The us federal aviation administration has registered a total of 1 million drone registrations, marking a new milestone in the two-year registration plan.

The number was announced at the CES show in Las Vegas, where registered users include both drone enthusiasts and commercial users who use drones to perform rooftop checks and farm aerial photography. Among them, the number of drone enthusiasts is 878,000, and each of them may have multiple drones. Commercial drone users must register for each drone, with a registration of 122,000.Drone security incidents and stop drones flying.

It can be said that the federal government of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) registration system has experienced the "turbulence" for two years.

With the number of drones increasing, a growing number of security issues have begun to emerge, including the fact that drones and manned planes are too close to home, the first time the United States launched a drone registration system in December 2015. The registrant must pay a fee of $5 and mark the identification number on its uav.

In May 2017, a federal court of appeal in Washington, d. c., overturned the regulations on the registration of unman vehicles with an ordinary enthusiast, which quotes the former federal regulations for model aircraft. This event, registered with FAA requirements no longer ordinary lovers unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) still need to be registered by the user.

In just a few months later, by December 2017, the President of the United States and trump registered lovers of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) rules, is based on the national defense authorization act.

It was report by las velas that that secretary of communications, minister of communications, Mr Elaine Chao, at CES's speech, announce the registration of one million unmanned aerial vehicles and explained the government's next move in revising the national uav regulations.

The United States currently prohibits drones from flying above the driver's radar, and bans people from flying over public places, which limits the delivery of drones from amazon and Google, as well as the business practices of many companies.

In October last year, the government launched a trump plans, according to the plan, the FAA will cooperate with local governments and companies, so as to formulate a set of rules to expand commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) application to reasonable and lawful.

With the increase of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) usage, will inevitably bring some problems, people use the behavior of the uav aerial is likely to infringe others' privacy, candid to somebody else, it will be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for ordinary people brings a big problem. Because of its small shape, the uav is not easily detected and will be used in some illegal activities, such as the recently heard of drones transporting drugs to prisons.

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