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Drone security incidents and stop drones flying


In recent years, drones have been ubiquitous in our lives. Ordinary people use them as toys, and companies like Google and amazon want to use them for delivery; Filmmakers and photographers use them to shoot materials; The government used them for war; As UPS.South Korea's winter Olympics use drones to boost security.

Over the weekend, someone flew over Apple Park as if it were his drone, and accidentally hit a solar roof. The pilot then turned to Matthew Roberts, who posted a "rescue operation" on YouTube to find the drone's location. As you can see in video, the drone is wedged between the solar panels on the apple office roof.

The drone told the company about the incident and sent his drone back. So far, we haven't seen an official response from apple, and still wonder if the unfortunate drone pilot will be able to reacquire the drone.

Researchers have found that drone delivery is still a dream, not a reality, but air delivery drones can release less climate-changing gases such as carbon dioxide.

"Although the parcel delivery based on unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is faced with many technical challenges, security issues, regulatory issues and system uncertainty, but in the initial estimates, we found that compared with the traditional way, using unmanned aircraft to reduce freight department of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions," Lawrence livermore national laboratory, Carnegie Mellon university, SRI international and at the university of Colorado at boulder, researchers said in the study.

Drones can deliver small packages weighing about a pound and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, by 59%. In the state of Missouri, the use of fossil fuel-based energy to charge a drone's battery is only 17 percent.

With the advent of drones, questions about security and privacy have arisen as well, and how to stop them if they are doing something unsafe or intrusive. Just a few days ago, for example, a drone flew over a plane that landed at the macallan airport in Las Vegas.

The drone jammer gun defense system is a highly mobile device for intercepting drones. As you can see, it adopts the design of the cart, let you don't seem to be very heavy to carry, it can meet the military interference and the police at the scene of movement, personal outdoor patrol, public safety or emergency needs.
With a large built-in battery, this powerful drone killer can work for more than an hour. It also has an artillery outboard antenna that can help you stop drones flying around.
Support frequency :WIFI: 2400-2485mhz; GPS: 1560-1580 MHZ; 5.8 GHZ
Power: ac power adapter and internal battery
Working temperature: - 20 ° C to + 65 ° C
Total power :120 w maximum
Weight :19 kg
Humidity :30% -95%
Size :510mm x 470mm x 300mm.

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In Iraq and Afghanistan, armed drones are targeted by militants and driven by operators half the world away. The army envisage its unmanned aircraft as a way to give combat commanders a deep strike capability, and drone operators have been close to the battlefield. Although the air force relies heavily on its officers to fly drones, the army will rely on its army to complete most of its missions.