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How to choose and better operate drones?

Hello! A few days ago, I bought on the net a four axis micro uav, the size of it just like a box, carrying a camera, it can connect my mobile phone, to realize the function of the aerial, because I just buy, haven't used, encountered some problems at the moment, can you help me? I don't know how to connect the phone, and how to make it better, let it shoot for me smoothly.

Nolany 2018-02-05 drone


The development of uavs has quickly taken over the market, with multi-axis multi-mode drones operating better, both for stability and endurance.It takes a lot of practice to control a drone. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. When you practice the drone, you should go to the open area and not drive the drone into the no-fly zone, or you will be held liable. And it's possible that you'll encounter a drone jammer that makes it impossible for your drone to fly back again.Remote-controlled drone we can spend a very low price on the shopping website to buy, to this kind of remote control aircraft, it can be used as toys, applies not only to children, can also be applied to our adult, of course, with the increase in the number of remote control of the plane carrying the camera, is stealth protection problems need to be taken into account.Click here for a high quality, reliable uav jammer.

Ben 2018-03-19 drone jammer

Hello, welcome to jammer-buy BBS, thank you for your question. The problem for you, we have the professional knowledge for your introduction, aerial drones is a feature of our daily use of the most, it can reach the person we didn't go to, it can take pictures of beautiful. According to the different products have different operating mode, you can view specifications, detailed they usually via bluetooth or wifi connection, as for the operation, for miniature uav, because of its weight is lighter, is difficult to control at first, the need to practice more, you control the balance can make it work more smoothly. If you're worried that someone will be using drones to spy on you and take candid shots, you can move from us to anti drone jammer.

jammer-buy 2018-02-05 drone

Actually uav operation is very simple, as long as you step by step according to the directions, you can easily realize aerial, they mainly via bluetooth or wifi connection, so have a certain distance, if it is beyond the scope, then they will control and drop down, so you need a good grasp this distance. As for how to choose a uav, this of course depends on the needs and uses of each person. For the average uav enthusiast, there are different choices.

Vimed 2018-02-06 Drone

I'm a drone fan, but I don't use drones to do things that harm other people's interests, such as the use of drones to spy on people's privacy, which is extremely unethical. , of course, the prevalence and popularity of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a lot of people choose to buy a their own drones, they feel fresh and fun, is likely to do some bad things, so that caused the circulated by the uav flying phenomenon on the Internet. So I bought a cell phone jammer for my privacy and airspace protection, and it was very powerful, not only interfering with common signals like cellphones, but also intercepting drones.

Leoky 2018-02-07 cell phone jammer

Drone aerial photography is now the goal of most people buying drones, which gives them a different experience and can give people a better visual effect. This seems to be a popular fad. If you don't understand the good control of it, you don't use in some large area, it is likely to cause a lot of trouble to others, you can in your own place its operation skill, can better control it, you use it to aerial again, probably the effect will be more better. This is for the practice of private drones, for large uavs, you think we should set up special training base for enterprise use of uav or a personal system of training? I think it is very necessary, otherwise the drone flying phenomenon will be more serious.

Gongsiqy 2018-02-08 drone uav