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What's the purpose of the GPS jammers?

GPS is very useful and very convenient for us. I've found that many people use GPS jammers. What are they for?

Rigoner 2018-03-19 gps jammer


Of course, I'm sure the GPS jammer is the one that blocks GPS signals, and for GPS tracking signals, all the places that might need to use the GPS signal, they might need to use it. It is so popular that it has a variety of uses, both for life and for military purposes.In the final analysis, it is a tool to protect the privacy of our whereabouts, for shielding the satellite signal tracking, satellite navigation and positioning, it is an excellent tool, so when we go out, most drivers would carry a handheld blocking device.

Quanlity 2018-03-19 gps jammer

GPS jammers, as the name suggests, are devices that interfere with GPS, blocking signals and keeping your location information untracked by GPS to protect your privacy. The development of GPS tracking technology also improves the performance of GPS jammers.

Lowers 2018-03-16 gps

Because today tracking technology developed, mainly reflected in GPS tracking, the use of GPS chip is easy to achieve the purpose of tracking, they can be placed in a small item above, can monitor the tracking for you. So GPS is mainly used to prevent the behavior of the GPS tracking, GPS tracking is not just for car tracking, with the development of GPS tracking technology, has been extended to the people, to the goods for tracking purposes.It is very convenient to prevent cars from being tracked and use car GPS jammer.

jammer-buy 2018-01-19 gps tracking

The GPS jammer is the device for the GPS signal of the jammer. As to its use, related to the nature of it, as long as you use the GPS, it is possible to use the GPS jammers, mobile phone have GPS function, so mobile phone can also use the GPS jammers, mobile GPS function is not only provide convenience to us, also could be used to achieve the purpose of tracking. The car also has GPS, so it may need a GPS jammer. GPS is mainly used for positioning and navigation, so GPS jammers are mainly aimed at intercepting these functions.

gninge 2018-01-17 Smart phone development and GPS tracking technology

The wide use of GPS positioning determines the range of GPS jammers. GPS is essential for today's society, we all need to trace the location of the localization, to a strange place, we need to use the navigation, navigation provide us with the most convenient path. GPS has been applied in military, through the GPS positioning, can quickly accurately locate a place, is very important for military action, we know that changing on the battlefield, can only the most accurate information can turn the tide of the battle. On the other hand, GPS jammers are also very important for the war, which is an important strategy for GPS positioning and anti-positioning.

cukezer 2018-01-12 gps

Our common GPS jammers are mainly used in anti-tracking, especially in important people. Their safety is very important, so their movements are almost hidden and not allowed to be tracked. One of the more surprising news recently was that a supermarket had installed a GPS tracker on shopping to keep track of consumers' shopping habits. Obviously this is a violation of the privacy of the consumer, is it forbidden, will this use the GPS jammer to stop this behavior?

derasi 2018-01-09 The shopping cart installs the GPS tracker to record the consumption process