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GPS jammer is aimed at GPS positioning system GPS tracker interception

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  • In jammer-buy get signal jammer, you may be plagued by some problems, which show you some common problems.Onboard GPS is both convenient for us to travel, and it can also be tracked, and the mini GPS jammer is the choice for most people. Hopefully they will help you solve your confusion and make your purchase more secure.If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service and they will give you the best service.

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How to remove the GPS location of the car?

Our car is equipped with GPS, and I'm afraid someone will use it to track me, what can I do to remove it, or avoid tracking?

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The GPS system for car assembly can be removed, and many stores now offer such demolition services online. You should look for real technology demolished shops, or some people might use you do not understand, actually has not removed, and it may arc to install a new GPS system in your car, it is dangerous for you. Avoid GPS tracking signals. GPS jammers are your must-have devices.The removal of the onboard GPS system requires professional technicians to remove it, because we cannot know exactly where it is located, and whether the demolition will affect the safety of our car. However, I suggest it is better not to remove it. If we are worried about being tracked by onboard GPS, we can use the corresponding shielding tool.

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As is known to all, our car is equipped with GPS positioning system, on the one hand to facilitate the search of our cars, on the other hand, to better control traffic problems. GPS positioning system provides us with the convenient indeed, but if targeted by criminals, could threaten our security, if you find your car GPS system was invaded, you can use a car GPS jammer to intercept the tracking GPS signals, on this hand be traced solve your worries.

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GPS positioning system there are manufacturers can be removed, the device can be installed, can tear open come down for certain, for the amateurs, you'd be hard pressed to find its place, if you want to be dismantled, find the best professional personage to dismantle, you have to think clearly, this may be illegal, because you don't have the GPS positioning system, will run afoul of the traffic speed limit on some instructions, so you have to think about. If you do not want to dismantle, you have to worry about tracking, to avoid, you can use the mini gps jammer and the market at present with the portable GPS jammers, easily hidden features, the key is you easy to use.

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Installed on the corresponding detection sensor, the use of GPS positioning of the GSM network communication function, also can send alarm information to a third party, or the police phone calls, text messages sent directly to the owners, GPS anti-theft alarm. Here you can see that the GPS positioning of the GSM network part is actually a smartphone, can and the third party to communication each other, can also use the vehicle was robbed, drivers hijacked, kidnapping and other information sent to the third party. It is a kind of GPS navigation products, when need navigation, first positioning, which is the starting point of navigation, that is different with the real GPS positioning, it can't send information to the third party and holder, because of the lack of mobile phone function in the navigator.

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Want to dismantle the vehicle on the GPS system, if you don't want to let the monitor party know best is to put the car into an underground parking lot, and then find a GPS device, other what all don't move, just remove the installed directly on the GPS devices in the communication card (mobile phone), and then you any information from you open the card the minutes to start monitoring party has no way of knowing; If you don't have to worry about monitoring will know, that is cut off directly equipment lines to negative or positive, some devices will have ACC line, oil cut-off electric circuit, remembered the interface section completes the insulation.Cars with onboard GPS systems can be found quickly after being stolen if they are not shielded by professional interference devices.

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