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  • In jammer-buy get signal jammer, you may be plagued by some problems, which show you some common problems.Onboard GPS is both convenient for us to travel, and it can also be tracked, and the mini GPS jammer is the choice for most people. Hopefully they will help you solve your confusion and make your purchase more secure.If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service and they will give you the best service.

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Cell phone turned off GPS and was it tracked?

I saw a report two days ago, saying that the phone has turned off GPS location, still will be tracked, is it true?

Junwonder 2018-01-01 tracking gps cell phone


Will the phone turn off GPS and be tracked? In the case of technology, it will be tracked, because in addition to GPS signal tracking, there are also cell phone triangle tower tracking and SIM card tracking and wifi tracking. The GPS is turned off, but there is no GPS tracking, and there are other sources of tracking.Can tracking devices to us a lot of, not just a GPS tracker, mobile satellite positioning, satellite navigation, even the phone app is likely to be for us to track, track way diversification, which made us can't safe to protect themselves.

Smarts 2018-03-16 gps cell phone jammers

GPS can also be tracked, because the form of tracking is not just GPS tracking, but also lojack tracking. It can also be tracked according to the mobile phone signal, so the GPS can not be completely determined without the possibility of tracking, so the use of mobile phone jammer can solve the problem of tracking.

jammer-buy 2018-02-26 cell phone jammer gps

With the development of GPS positioning technology and the wide application of GPS, many mobile electronic devices in the market are now integrated into the GPS chip, which plays a very important role in positioning and navigation. Online recently said the closure of the GPS positioning, will be collected from your location information, this is true, only through the different ways to get our location information, but generally do not use this do bad for us, but still think there is no privacy at all.

Leotom 2018-01-08 phone gps jammer jammers

This news I also saw, on this issue, I think it is true, because our mobile phones, in our opinion is not so safe, closed GPS positioning, access to our location information for the current science and technology, is not difficult.Mobile phone signals and GPS satellite tracking is usually we need mobile phones, because we can use them communications and navigation, etc., for tracking, both signals are likely to be used, you need a device that can jam with cell phone signals and GPS signals.

Marry 2018-01-05 phone's location report function

Personally, I think this is really not unfounded, in today's high-tech, our location information is known, it is not difficult, because a lot of applications will need to get our IP address and location information, this is very bad for our privacy, in order to better protect our privacy, and to take certain interference strategy is a good choice.GPS signal tracking jamming device

Yaomolin 2018-01-01 tracking information jammers