Terrible! Google's Android system is tracking you but that's just the tip of the iceberg

Along with the development of science and technology, people more and more is the use of smart phones, we know that smart phones have a variety of new features, such as multimedia and GPS services become more and more perfect, although a great deal of convenience to our life, but have you ever thought it could be we are tracking the props? The latest report says that you don't have a location service, and Google's android system can be a good location for you, and you'll feel like you're being tracked and there's no privacy. Although Google says it won't collect user information, will it be safe? To complete security, you need to add more heavy protection, for example, use a diy cell phone jammer,can jamming mobile phone signal, jammers GPS signal and wifi signals, etc, it can make you are in a variety of environmental safety. The custom mobile phone jammer has become the mainstream of the market.

According to Russian satellite network November 23, citing Quartz website message: since early 2017, the address of the cellular tower near the Android mobile phone has been collecting (even when location services are disabled), and then sends the data back to Google. The result is that GuGe, the parent company of android, can access data about individual locations and movements that go far beyond what consumers would reasonably expect from privacy. This raises concerns about privacy protections for individuals.

Turn off the phone's location report function,is it ok?

Share part of the Google privacy policy covers the location, the company will from the use of its equipment to collect location information services, but does not mean when stop using location service will collect data from the Android devices: "when you use Google services, we may collect and process the information about your actual location. We use a variety of techniques to determine locations, including IP addresses, GPS and other sensors, for example, to provide information about nearby devices, wi-fi access points and cell phone towers for GuGe."

Of course, many people abroad have realized that smartphones are tracking their location. And the active closure of the location service, and related applications, is feasible?? According to the website, even if you take all these precautions, you won't use any apps or even insert your SIM card.

Quartz survey shows that even if the user has taken all the precautions, run Android mobile phone software will also collect data on your location, and sent back to Google when connected to the Internet. As a result, GuGe could theoretically track the location of Android devices to track users, even though users have reasonable expectations of privacy.

The news is believed to have been officially confirmed by Google. Google says that in the last 11 months, Google has already included the address of the phone in the push notifications and messages on the Android phone. The Android system collects user location information but wants to better improve GuGe's message notification service, which GuGe has never used and has not been stored. And if you really don't like it, Google will stop the practice from December.

At this point, as domestic Android users don't have to worry about the problem, because most of the Chinese mobile phone users of mobile phone cannot be connected to Google's servers, and is believed to be in China, how to keep the cell phone connection to Google's home server, is a skill.

This is probably just the tip of Google's strategy

Actually has long been a big company to collect user information, especially the technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, apple, or how their personal assistant to help you schedule an appointment, social life, the network shopping, and considerate services. And Google may collect location information and its last June, description of a new feature: "basis" Google "basis" purpose is to remind you in interesting events or places Nearby, is to remind you the interesting events or locations around you, at the same time also can make Google can not contacted before you and your company between connections.

For services like "Nearby," there are only two ways to offer this customization: first, the operating system accesses your calendar and/or email, and the second is to know where you are. From the point of view of GuGe, obviously it wants to integrate this. From a Google point of view, ideally it knows the two, which allows the operating system to start assuming what to do next. The idea was conceived several years ago, just as the future "smart fridge" automatically tells you when you don't have food. The difference is the way these traits relate to the company's interests and advertising.

Imagine that in the future, Siri or Cortana will recommend flights to you based on your known travel time and preferred departure dates. Give them permission and they will diligently watch the price of your flight at your favorite spot. If you are driving, your personal assistant may provide you with a customized list of recent gas stations within the specified distance of the highway. In the future, if apple succeeds in removing the headphone jack, future computers will automatically know the name of the device we are connecting to.

It sounds great, and it will make our life more exciting, maybe you like the idea, or maybe you think they are far from you and interfere with your personal privacy.

Although Google said don't use this service to collect location data, but it does allow advertisers to use location data to locate the consumers, this is a distinct commercial value, the method of related companies can use the accurate position tracking, and use it to locate the user then see the advertisement. Because this itself is a big trend, collected about every aspect of your life, provide relevant company to serve you better, and the related company is willing to pay the relevant fees to get the user information, through this way to better promotion and sales.

Mobile application for our position, to our location information of mobile phone, tracking is what we don't know, through professional article, you may feel very terrible, but to use the cell phone tracking phenomenon exists.Smartphones have GPS chip may be you are phone gps tracking.