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Can aluminum foil block out a cell phone signal?

I've seen on the news that aluminum foil can block cell phone signals, can it really block the phone signal?

Jaseron 2018-01-13 cell phone signal


Yes, the aluminum foil to prevent mobile phone signal, stop the normal use of mobile phones, in our school, our teacher will give us such an experiment, the phone encase with aluminum foil and then make a phone call. Since then, we've known that aluminum foil is the equivalent of using a cellphone jammer to block the signal. If you don't want to get a phone call, you can wrap your cell phone in aluminum foil without being harassed by the phone.

Kerloy 2018-03-19 cell phone harassment signal

Aluminum foil can block cell phone signals, when we use the aluminum foil mobile phones that hugged, we call around mobile phone again, you will find that not connected properly, the experiment has been done to its research.

Verlit 2018-03-16 cell phone signal

Thank you for your question. Cell phone blocker are devices that intercept mobile phone signals, which we all know. Can intercept signal, as for aluminum foil have been done experiment, the experimental results show that aluminium foil sealed the parcel with mobile phone, also can block cell phone signals, when you use the aluminum foil bag with your mobile phone, you make a phone call again, are you couldn't hear the phone ring, that is to say, it can be block phone signal. Aluminum foil is very easy to get, you can also try it yourself, I believe the result is the same.

jammer-buy 2018-01-17 cell phone jammers signal

Tin foil and aluminum foil can block/shield electromagnetic signals, which can be shielded, regardless of frequency, M, G, or higher. It is harmless to human body and can be used safely. Aluminum foil of course can, as long as it is metal, wireless electromagnetic signal cannot be through metal or metal mesh. In general, electrically conductive metals can reflect radio signals, shielding the target completely. The more practical material is aluminum foil, one layer can not pack several layers.

Twiter 2018-01-16 cell phone jammers radio

With iron box, but also need grounding, shielding principle of it is to put the electromagnetic waves received by tin box first, and then import the underground, but the effect is not particularly good, everyone can be found by train, or full of the signal, only through the tunnel, the signal completely interrupted. So, when you're not using a screening device, look for a room with no Windows or Windows, doors or iron, and if the walls are reinforced concrete, you can block it. Or is to find a box, lined with lead plate, need not grounding, absolute silence, this kind of box is lead layer thickness is used to the radioactive material, so its shielding effect as you can imagine.

Baenns 2018-01-15 cell phone jammers radio

The foil paper is not used to transmit signals in order to block the interference of the outside and the interference of the external to the transmission signal. There will be some shielding, but you can't completely block the phone signal.See related articles on the Internet before said the aluminum foil can block cell phone signals, I feel very magical, so I just want to try in person, I have purchased aluminum paper, mobile phone package firmly, and then I use another phone call by the phone, and then prompt voice is "you dialed temporarily unable to get through the number", that means that the aluminum foil can be shielded cell signal, this is what reason is caused? So I started to look for the reasons online.

Lower 2018-01-13 cell phone jammers signal