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The shopping cart installs the GPS tracker to record the consumption process

How to deal with the loss of shopping cart? In the United States, a coin deposit can be solved. How to master the habits and preferences of the consumer group? In New Zealand, ai shopping carts can be solved. How to face the potential demand of an aging population? In Japan, a shopping cart with an old mirror can be solved. Shopping carts around the world carry a lot of "little secrets", service concepts, human design, and technological change. Life is also like a huge shopping cart, what it carries and what life looks like.

With the development of economy, the shopping cart is not strange to us, in the supermarket, you can see people use carts with purchase, online, when you buy something, will see a shopping cart icon. These shopping carts greatly facilitate our shopping behavior, and unreasonable use will also have a certain effect on the supermarket. It is reported, some supermarkets in order to understand the shopping needs of customers, in the shopping cart to install GPS tracker, it can record the customer's purchasing behavior, the supermarket, it is a good statistical form, however, for the customer, the invasion of their privacy.

Native New Zealand has a New World, Countdown, PAK 'nSAVE and other large supermarkets, in order to get more repeat customers, the supermarkets have launched various members to plan, to improve customer loyalty, such as a member of the additional discount, preferential activities on a regular basis. However, in 2014, New World, in Auckland, New Zealand, quietly installed GPS on shopping, in order to better study customer's preferences for shopping.

The tracking device is a rectangular black plastic box with a plastic box placed in a shopping cart. After the installation, most customers fail to notice. The supermarket's approach has attracted much criticism. New Zealand media believe that customers are entitled to the right to know without informing customers beforehand. The university of Auckland marketing professor also believes that customers have a right to know their own consumption behavior is tracked. However, the head of the New World supermarket, whiteria, explained: "it's not illegal. It's a moral issue to tell customers. We're thinking about it. GPS technology can help us understand consumer habits, the supermarket of the technical personnel after login system, you can watch the movement of the shopping cart inside the store, and to adjust according to the results of the related data store layout, product display, and arrange the information such as advertising and promotion."

Shopping cart to install GPS tracker, sounds very incredible, record the customer's purchase intention, but violates the customer's purchase of privacy, some customers resent this behavior, as in the store, do you want to buy something, the seller always follow you, does this make you uncomfortable? In order to avoid the purchase intention of GPS tracker gave chase, some customers to use the mini gps jammer, jammers GPS tracker work, at the same time, to protect the privacy of their easy to use the shopping cart.

There's an artificial intelligence enterprise called Imagr in Oakland, and the core product of the enterprise is an artificial intelligence shopping cart, which is using the camera in the shopping car, using machine vision technology to save the customer's time line. Imagr founder, says William Kang Muli create shopping cart in artificial intelligence is the result of his bad in the supermarket shopping experience, he found that white-collar workers at noon can go to the supermarket to buy things, it takes time to buy things is not much, people mainly the time spent on check-out queues. "This is too slow and too cliche," William said at the time. "artificial intelligence has changed other industries. Why not bring change to the supermarket shopping cart?"

Therefore, William decided to use artificial intelligence, he got a New Zealand investors financing, formed a visual engineers as the core force of technical team, with a unique algorithm is close to the retail market, to provide customized services to our customers. At present, the main difficulties that William is artificial intelligence technology in the initial stage of the shopping cart, no practices and rules, and therefore, Imagr at the forefront of the market changes, any new discovery is a progress.

"In 2017, many small supermarkets in New Zealand have already used our ai shopping carts and believe that in 2018, there will be more supermarkets to cooperate with us," said William. At the moment, I am in cooperation with the world's largest retailers."

In order to better facilitate customers' purchasing process, New Zealand has launched a shopping cart with artificial intelligence, which can help customers find the most convenient channels.

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