What are the hidden dangers of mobile phone security threats and Android users

With the rapid proliferation of smartphones, and the declining PC market, the security threat to cell phone users is now exceeding PC users. , according to data released symantec mobile equipment the overall threat than doubled in 2015, the number of smartphone malware attacks up to 18.4 million times.

With the development of smart phones, people's data information is stored on both the mobile end and the PC side, which covers a wide range of aspects, including personal privacy, photos, property and so on. So people pay more attention to the safety of the mobile phone, in order to protect the safety of the mobile phone, protection of personal data information, people are searching for ways to make up for the phone itself, but there will always be imperfection on these issues, the vast majority of people choose to buy cell phone jammer online that more practical than other methods.

At present, the Android and iOS dominated the smartphone system, Android has become the most popular mobile phone system. Unfortunately, Android faces the biggest security risk, becoming a concern for many mobile phone users: from 2014 to 2016, the iOS vulnerability level remained relatively stable, but the total number of Android lineup malware increased by 105% in 2016.

The Android virus infection rate exceeds Windows

The "2017 threat intelligence report" from nokia points out that Android devices are the main target of malware in 2017, with an infection rate of up to 68.50% (smartphones account for 72% of all mobile Internet infections). As a comparison, Windows devices have 27.96 percent of malware infections, and 3.54 percent for iOS and other devices.

Nokia points out that the rate of infection in Windows will eventually turn to smartphones, because smartphones are now the preferred method of accessing the Internet. In addition, "in the smartphone world, the vast majority of malware is distributed as a Trojan application. Users are tricked by phishing, advertising or other social engineering, downloading and installing applications."

Domestic Android users are more at risk

It should be noted that domestic Android users are at greater risk. Reports pointed out that the region is the Android devices market occupancy rate of the highest, but the lack of safety consciousness, user, and some manufacturers at the expense of security to hold down costs, make the region Android users more vulnerable to attack.

The July 1 - China mobile security ecological report pointed out that the Android mobile phone system vulnerability has become the greatest threat to security, more than ninety percent of Android phones have been provide various levels of security vulnerabilities: 95.4% of the equipment are high risk vulnerabilities, up to 94.1% of Android phones dangerous level in the loophole, while 90.6% of the equipment was found to exist the highest level of security vulnerabilities.

Where does Android security risk come from?

It is reported that Android phones face so many bugs, which have a lot to do with the openness of the Android system. Because Android is an open source system, anyone can see and modify the content of the system. But even if you just modify the appearance of the messaging application, you might have bugs that you don't know about.

While Google continues to enhance Android security, security issues remain difficult to avoid due to the fragmentation of the Android system. From the Android version of view, the latest Android 8.0 has launched three months, but the penetration rate is only 0.3% of the poor, even on the generation of Android 7.0, the penetration rate is only 20.6%, accounting for more than half of Android with version 6.0 or 5.0.

On the other hand, Android devices are vulnerable to malware infections due to the optional installation of third-party applications. In fact, even GuGe Play, the official Google store, often reports on the use of trojans, so it's not easy to get Android phones away from malicious programs.

Enhancing security awareness is the most important

Need to point out that iOS devices will also face security threats, such as spyware "Pegasus" using iOS three "zero-day vulnerabilities" invasion of the iPhone, access to equipment in the message, telephone and E-mail applications. Therefore, whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you need to enhance your security awareness.

For Android users, should try to avoid open source link, do not download and install source applications (from trusted app store download) as far as possible, to reduce the malicious software.

The development of technology has made the android mobile phone system continuously upgraded and improved in terms of security, but the problem still exists. Currently, the latest android 8.0 system still has bug safety problems.