There are some bug security problems with android 8.0 system

With the WP officially failing, android and iOS have become the only mainstream mobile market. As usual, Android released its latest version of the operating system, Android 8.0, in the second half of this year. However, no matter that android's new version of the system is not well received by users, there are a lot of problems in the system, so users have to be confused about Google.

With the progress of science and technology, mobile phone security problem is more and more attention by people, mobile phone security is concerned with personal privacy, personal property safety, and even personal safety, mobile phone security problem for people how important it is. To better protect your phone's security, we'll introduce you to the security of the android 8.0 system and how to use it to keep our phones safe.

In recent years, new android system has always been quite pay attention to the test, starting from android 5.0, Google will before release allows users to experience the plan first, trial developer preview version of the android, android 8.0 is no exception.Issued the android Google in March 8.0 the predecessor of the android O developer preview, after more than half of the test, ushered in the formal version android 8.0 in August, but even so, it is still a lot of problems.

Open WiFi still uses data

This is a problem for many users, and it has been found that while using android 8.0, the device will continue to use traffic data even though it is connected to WiFi. Is very good solve this problem, through the investigation, found that is actually a developer is enabled by default in the compiled version of "always open mobile data" function, the user can switch to try to solve through the system. In other words, there is no problem with system functionality, but the system's options are incorrectly set.

The use of data is also a problem that is not much about personal information, only traffic. If there is a payment, there is a problem of payment, so on this issue, there will be irreparable damage. For example, when you pay, but you continue to have a deduction, which can cause an inestimable loss to your property.

Bluetooth connection error

This is a problem that causes bad effects. Push the android 8.0, the user immediately found a serious problem, the system exists a bluetooth connection with bluetooth audio would be stuck, it connects the bluetooth headset voice still out of the mobile phone, music can only be replayed from the bluetooth headset, speakers after 20 seconds, Shared bluetooth open would automatically shut off, and so on.

Once the bluetooth problem appears, the whole device may be stuck and can't be used, which is undoubtedly very influential. Basically, when it comes to android 8.0, the bluetooth function is gone. In the vigorous development of the equipment and the Internet of things era, the importance of the bluetooth is self-evident, smart hand ring, smart watches equipment need bluetooth connectivity, and cancelled the headphone jack's cell phone is to let the needs of the bluetooth headset. It's really a big Bug to have a bluetooth Bug in this situation.

It causes the OLED burning screen

More and more devices are starting to use OLED screens, but OLED screens also need the right way to get the benefits out and get around their shortcomings. OLED screen, the biggest drawback is easy to generate residual image which is commonly known as "burn-in" problem, this is because the screen each independent markers of luminous time is different, lead to brightness attenuation caused by different degrees.

Android 8.0, which didn't notice the problem, caused the Pixel device to quickly burn. It has been found that in android 8.0, the bottom Navigation Bar results in residual images of the screen, which can happen within a week. Google also acknowledges that it is an oversight of system design. In the update of android 8.1, Google has added automatic and weak mechanism to Navigation Bar to alleviate the burning screen.

There is also an important issue in Android8. In the process of upgrading to 8.1, users found that upgrading to android 8.1 would result in the data being emptied and the system setting reset to default. If there is no backup data, then the important information is destroyed. The personal information is basically on the phone, but there is no backup, so their data will not be restored and the data is important to us. If it's just personal data loss, that's fine. If the personal data is stolen, then it's going to cause a lot of damage to them. Some of them, in order to protect their own data, use cell phone blocker jammer device to protect the safety of some vulnerabilities.

Multi-touch failure

Again, this is an android 8.1 upgrade. Users find, the system will be unable to identify a multipoint control, whether the game or App, can hardly identify multiple fingers, so some operations such as at the same time, as a few buttons in the game, double refers to zoom picture page and so on. Multi-touch is a must-see in the touchscreen era, and how many touchpoints can be supported early in the touchscreen era is still a selling point. Now the android 8.1 problem has made the most advanced mobile phone a very user experience.

Android8.0 system bugs in the information security of the people, the interests of the watch is not too big loss, but there are bugs can exist safety problems, we know that in the present, mobile security issues by the attention of people, people are more concerned with their own personal information security, privacy, in front of these problems, there may be the use of these system vulnerabilities caused immeasurable losses to people's property security. Some criminals access to your private photos, for example, he might use these photos to blackmail you, etc., in order to better protect our data information security, we should take some measures to solve these problems.

So what can we do about such vulnerabilities? The first thing we need to do is take preventive measures and nip them in the bud. The best way is to use a secure cell phone, but is it safe to make sure your phone's data is not stolen? In life, people use mobile phone jammers more. The process of cutting off the data information from the channel.

Android 8.0 is currently the most advanced version of android, although it has some bugs, but it still has a lot of new features, and here is Android 8.0's 10 new features for you.