How did electronic jammers work,you know?

I was disturbed by the noise of my cell phone. I bought a cellphone signal jammer. How does an electronic jammer work?


Electronic signal jammer transmit electromagnetic wave carrier frequency is that same as the carry frequency of the signal to be interfered, so it is received and amplified by the receive and amplifies the demodulation (reducing), the interfering signal and the interfering signal are simultaneously occurring at the receiving terminal, the same as the carrier vehicle of the fake (like the interfering signal), which is the same as the type appearance (carrier frequency) of the carrier vehicle (like the interfering signal), and the goods are only regarded as not looking at the goods, so the real fake is transported to the main destination, the power of the electronic interference is strong enough, the interference signal can be overridden, and the interference can be achieved.

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Electronic jammers, as well as each device, have the frequency of their operation, knowing the frequency of their operation, and we can make use of the relevant devices to produce a frequency that is similar to their frequency or the frequency of the frequency of the frequency multiplication, which can not properly translate their original content when the decoding apparatus is in operation, which constitutes a disturbance.

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Electronic jammers actually include cell phone jammers, GPS jammers, GSM jammers, wifi jammers, drone jammer, and so on. They have the same use for jamming signals and protecting privacy. But they interfere with different frequencies, so they can interfere with different signals and have different applications. However, with the development of science and technology, the signals that can be interfered by electronic signal jammers in the market generally contain common signal types.

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We have many common electronic jammers, we mainly used the cell phone jammer, the second is the wifi jammer, because the mobile phone and wifi with our life better, is closely related to us, especially in the area of our security. To make a simple electronic signal jammer, it is simple enough to understand how they work, buy the material, and then connect the circuit to the circuit.

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