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Hi, I put this question here because it's a "sensitive" topic. I learned about theft, about an hour in the area, about an hour, and they said the phone was not working, so even the GSM integrator. I ask the installer, and the electron, I deal with the detection system very few exist, alarm, guard against theft, can take what preventive measure? I did a quick search on the Internet and found that it could cover up to 2, 000 meters of jamming signals from 20MHz to 6GHz. I also saw the anti-jamming sensor, which apparently needed a wired phone line in addition to some alarm sounds to bring the warning signals out of the area.
Is this the right way to do it? If you can't talk about it, I apologize, there's no cancellation.
thank you!

ghoneky Feb 03 '18 at 09:56

GSM jammer



Jammers are very common in our lives, not only because of their versatility, but also because they have a better design for practicality. Signal jammers are important products for every possible problem in life. If you need, you can choose from www.jammer-buy.com, which offers quality products and competitive prices.

Bolety Mar 19 '18 at 12:18



In fact, the anti drone jammer does this without further connection. When the main station is disconnected from the station, the alarm is started from the station (and possibly far away). It is clear that he will not be able to specify what is happening, but that the connection has been lost at a particular time. Therefore, the wired line is not a necessary condition for "taking out" alarm signals. The combination of mobile networks was also born to compensate for the greater vulnerability of wired lines, but they are clearly not 100% safe. If the theft occurred within a quarter of an hour, I would say at least one call every two to three minutes, up to five minutes.

jammer-buy Feb 03 '18 at 10:13

Drone jammer - drone killer


However, what happens if the main device is connected to the main device or the wireless cell phone blocker base station of the device is temporarily disabled due to maintenance or malfunction? Contact loss, trigger alert. What I want to say is that to avoid these false positives, you can connect a double connection to a different technical route, hoping that the maintenance or failure will not be disabled. For example, the connection between the mobile radio network and the connection between the master and the fixed network from between. Only when two connections are lost means the main station is broken and the alarm is started from the station. So the fixed line will not be used to "remove" the alarm, but to avoid false positives. In the Internet age, regular phone calls are now a bit outdated. Instead, groups may be exchanged via another group/call exchange on the Internet and mobile networks. Connections may be more frequent, so the missing alert may be more timely.

wedenber Feb 04 '18 at 15:21

cell phone blocker


Hey, I'm going to answer some of the devices that I've done in the past. Most burglar's "BENTEL security alert, lynx, technoalarm... Using two channel VHF and UHF system with another frequency repeater, at periodic intervals, sends a signal to the central, in order to become a and then sent back to relay the signal status is OK (no radio disorders.) On the contrary, if after about two or three unsuccessful attempts to signal will not be sent to the central, and send the alarm signal is sent to the alarm control panel, including should always is "spin" and hide.

benjie Feb 05 '18 at 17:21

VHF UHF system


On the other hand, some customers ignore radio interference in order to save "battery" (less transmission pulse). In some cases, the repeater is optional, so it is good to predict it in the estimation. Unfortunately, in some cases, these professionals try to evade the alarm system. The best way to protect your apartment is still a wired or hybrid system, but it's not all wireless systems, for example, it's not possible to damage sensors on a balanced or double-balanced line. Because of the cut off moment, the bypass, a short circuit voltage drop wire immediately from the central unit through reading ADC, once reaching the microcontroller port trigger alarm.

menduo Feb 05 '18 at 19:25

Radio interference