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Drone jammer - drone killer

Judith Moeller, an operator of Rpas in cologne, reported the death of her drone to police during a payload test flight of a newly purchased Leica hd camera.

"We hover around three meters in the ground (station) in the air, aimed at a details of our vans, suddenly, I lost control of the helicopter, the helicopter is no longer respond to commands, remain motionless, then derived for the breeze, side slowly and hit a tree, destroyed on the ground. The frame was broken and two propellers and cameras were damaged. We had a second plane, and we immediately tested the efficiency of our portable control station and worked well. There are no Repeaters and antennae in this area, and I'm sure this is voluntary interference from some of the surrounding houses. "Judith's complaint is now being handled by the police, and they communicate it to the traffic analysis department, which is handled by the traffic analysis department. Judith do more, you direct steering aviation safety agency (EASA, its headquartered in cologne), need to ask is, the behavior is considered to be for those who are traditional aircraft manufacturing, international crime to slaughter. "What happens if something happens when we're shooting in a populated area? It has to do with international attempts to commit murder. "What happens if something happens when we're shooting in a populated area? It has to do with international attempts to commit murder. "What happens if something happens when we're shooting in a populated area?

Are we in electronic warfare?

Some people obviously don't like drones. The sky that is not to say that our city and the countryside is full quadricotteri stalks or other remote control aircraft system, but because of privacy concerns, only rely on their own things appropriate privacy concern, support for now, however, also has the right to prevent unauthorized intrusion in some way. And because you can't erect a giant mosquito net in the garden, it's the anti-drone version of the jamming, which is the electromagnetic noise generator that simultaneously inhibits the control system and the image transmission. Their costs from one hundred to one thousand euros depending on performance, is not new: who is like electronic products must experience to disrupt and "down" remote control model is too noisy neighbors, and reset the television receiving pleasure even turn off the phone, and indeed happen automatically and some office close to religious monuments. This can be called a gossip domestic electronic warfare: it is the problem of covering the wide, through the VHF and UHF frequency up to open the door, even the door of the harmony of the radio control WiFi channel 1. And, since there is no legal way to stop selling electronic components, obviously, who wants to purchase, build and still use drone jammer, buzzing around to avoid being easily unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

But if it is authorized to operate on a regular basis Rpas, and damage due to interference, the pilot is still difficult to demonstrate the victims of crime, because to find the source of disturbance signal is very complex, these are small, and usually is operation of equipment in a timely manner.

How to protect yourself?

If you're threatened by your cell phone, then the cell phone jammers can solve the problems caused by smart phones.

Spiegaa Judith: "if it's already exist in the operation area of the signal, namely" saturated "rf environment, pilot drone decollerebbe even for an immediate attention to this problem, the remote control also can separate for idle channel frequency band in use. Therefore, an effective interference must be published with a precise intention and professional knowledge. "Law prohibited without permission or concessions of radio-frequency signals, but at the same time allow anyone to protect its confidentiality, for instance by banning emergency call phone calls (system with special approval). In the United States, the federal communications commission banned the construction, use and sell jammers (the communications act of 1934:1934), the rules are different from country to country in Europe, and radio spectrum (2, 4 GHz) increasingly congested network and signal. There is no official protection or "official" spectrum for Rpas control. Existing countermeasures are: "fh" and "automatic switch" technology of anti-jamming receiver has listed, but the cost is high, everywhere, because these technologies in many countries is still seen as a military technologies. One thing is certain: this is not an underrated phenomenon.