South Korea's winter Olympics use drones to boost security

Four-axis drones may become more popular, but so are the devices designed. As the ownership of drones continues to rise, South Korea's drone ownership, like elsewhere, has not yet escaped the organizers of the pyeongchang games, which officially started this Friday. Not surprisingly, you occasionally put their birds where they shouldn't be. Think airports, stadiums, government facilities, etc. Unmanned aerial vehicle in the development and popularization, made a lot of countries and regions have the right to use the uav, on the Internet, you can easily have a drone aircraft, four axis have a uav is one of the important things a lot of young people and uav lovers.

In 2015, we first saw a flying drone in Japan. A demonstration by Tokyo police showed that its drone had opened a net under it. When it is closed, the goal of the rogue drone propeller like cobwebs in the fly around on the Internet, enables the police drones will flying uav control way to catch the plane back to the ground.

In addition, other kits to protect athletes and spectators in the next few weeks include low-altitude aircraft carrying facial recognition technology. Its powerful cameras are said to be able to monitor ground movements very carefully, and if cameras detect any suspicious activity, agents in the stadium can be deployed quickly. Can use a powerful drones in the air to close monitoring of the air, once found to have any adverse situation, can take corresponding measures to shoot down goals or catch.

South Korean officials worry that in two weeks during the sports event, rogue no chance on the Olympics events causing interference, and has taken steps to deal with such incidents. Rogue flights like this have spawned a whole new industry that is growing in sync with the consumer drone market. It involves technical help authorities quickly and safely in prohibited from entering the site removed quadcopters and other remote control aircraft. Many countries have taken appropriate measures to curb this kind of chaos, and have enacted strict laws and regulations to curb such chaos. Enforce a no-fly zone.

Hearing about the worst case is a drone carrying bombs to the bus was full of athletes, may cause serious damage to the vehicle, is the latest by the SWAT team as part of the pre-game training process. The team shot down the drone before it had a chance to reach the vehicle. Chinese companies jammer-buy sell drone jammer gun has attracted the attention of people, uav flying phenomenon has become an important issue of concern, the spear uav jammer it blocked the rogue drones and operator between the signal and the helicopter slowly back to the land.

It is understood that the winter Olympics has not specific threats facing terrorist organizations, the decision of the north Korea to take part in the Olympic Games reduces the south Korean is difficult to predict the concerns of the neighbours might interfere in some way.

Of the Olympic Games and the surrounding airspace has been declared without approval of the aircraft's no-fly zone, by the Korea institute of science and technology development of special uavs detection radar will be in place, and use the directional uavs jammer, once found the uav flying into the no-fly zones, it can shoot him down immediately, to maintain the security of the sky. Local news media have also reported using drone signals to interfere with the communication between the pilot and their drone, and safely back to the ground. In the case of more endanger, when necessary, can deploy a helicopter, make a special forces by means of artificial agents in close shot drones and destroyed in the air, make its can cause significant damage to the region, in order to ensure the personal safety.

We've heard that the so-called "uavs" could also be put into use during the south Korean winter Olympics. The drones have multiple rotor machine design, uav is stronger than regular consumption, has the stronger attack effect, the conventional uav can be destroyed, carry can be used to kill and disable the uav network. So far, it is not clear whether the measure will have much effect on the drone's behavior.

Drone jammers have been instrumental in preventing the drone from flying, and the terrorists are using it to make use of the security issues. Drones are also not completely illegal to do something illegal, and they are also involved in the delivery of aid.


Posted by Teapotao 2018-06-12

Thanks for your sharing, there are many fields of unmanned aerial vehicles in various fields. What we are familiar with is aerial photography. There are many applications in both terrorist attacks and security.

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