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Drone development depends on GPS technology

Because of the effectiveness and maneuverability of drones compared with manned aircraft, drones have become increasingly popular in both defence and civilian areas. The use of drones is not limited to military and law enforcement agencies. Business users have shown interest in various possible assignments.

Drones can support different operational aspects, including task endurance, effective load carrying capacity and the ability of safe operation in harsh environment conditions and the limited logistics footprint. Unmanned aerial vehicles carrying small guided weapons are much cheaper than large air-to-ground missiles. The bombs ensured greater flexibility and were able to be deployed on soft targets such as hostile ground forces or unarmoured military trucks.

GPS signal not only plays an important role in the development of uav, but also restricts the development of uav to some extent. GPS satellite signal for every field has great application in everyday life, from a military exercises reflect the importance of GPS signal to the military.

One of the hottest trends in the drone industry is the emergence of alternative energy drones, according to Technavio. The uav technology covers the aerodynamics of uavs, the materials used in the manufacture of physical drones, the circuit boards, chipsets and software in the uav's brain. The typical unmanned aircraft is made of lightweight composite materials to reduce weight and improve mobility. The strength of this composite material allows military drones to cruise at extremely high altitudes.

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Drones are equipped with different advanced technologies, such as infrared cameras (military uavs), GPS and lasers (military uavs). Pilotless aircraft are controlled by remote control systems, sometimes called ground cockpits. When the compass was calibrated, no one was able to locate the GPS satellite. When more than six were found, it allowed the drones to fly in "ready to fly" mode.

At CES 2017, Ambarella, a company, announced H22 chips for driverless cameras. The H22 chip allows the camera to shoot 4K hd video and includes electronic image stabilization, without the need for a camera balance ring.Of course. You can't rely on GPS: there are a lot of places where natural reception is bad, and the military sometimes tests GPS jammer, just like the latest exercise.

If a major terrorist attack is a GPS drone equipped with an explosive payload, then the U.S. government is likely to revisit its open GPS policy. Industries and businesses that rely on GPS should have a reasonable backup plan. As for us civilians, we should all appreciate the incredible convenience and benefits of GPS.

Interestingly, the first in-car navigation system does not use GPS: it relies on inertial navigation and mapping to determine its location. For navigation, autonomous cars require similar GPS backups. However, all practical driving requires the use of onboard sensors.

Although the U.S. military was originally developed for its own purposes, it revolutionized countless civilian industries, especially transportation, mining and agriculture. In a range of sports and drone flights, the use of GPS entertainment has also increased significantly.

GPS is not the only global navigation satellite system. Russia has a system equivalent to 'GLONASS', China has' bee-dou 'and Europe has 'GALILEO'. Although America's GPS is by far the most widely used, they can be used for civilian purposes.

The pentagon found itself in an impossible predicament. First, limiting or revoking the impact of civil GPS access would lead to unprecedented global chaos.

Preventing drones from flying and cars being tracked can use GPS jammers to disrupt GPS signals so they can't work properly. Here are a variety of modeling designed GPS signal jammers.


Posted by Geotoery 2018-06-10

Every high-tech development cannot leave the development of other new things, always depend on other science and technology, the development is also restricted by other factors, as the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) need to rely on GPS technology, need to be precise positioning can better realize the unattended operation. Drone jammer also have more technical requirements. Technology is so great!!

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