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The United States says drone strikes in somalia have killed al-shabab extremists

The uav is the symbol of this era, which brings more experience to people's life and poses a great threat to people's life security. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) fear of attack in the world of all countries and regions, especially in Africa and the Middle East and some other relative backwardness, the international environment is not so peaceful country, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) of terrorists may attack activities more frequently.

The U.S. military says it has carried out repeated drone strikes against al-shabab militants in mogadishu, somalia, killing three "terrorists".

The U.S. Africa command said Monday's strike was near the town of jilib in central juba. "We understand that no civilians have been killed in this attack."In coordination with the Somali government, the United States has carried out more and more drone strikes in the horn of Africa country. Most are against al-shabab, but a few are targeting islamic state fighters in the northern puntland region.

The United States carried out more than 30 drone strikes in somalia last year, following President Donald trump's approval to expand military operations against al-shabab. The United States says it has made four such strikes so far this year.

Many countries and government agencies have taken measures to protect against terrorist attacks by extremists. Among them, the use of uavs is one of the important ways of these preventive measures. The use of directional drone jammer is an option for many people.

The al-shabab extremist group has been blamed for a truck bombing in the capital mogadishu in October that killed 512 people.

The drone phenomenon has been reported in all major news media, and in every country, it is urgent to ban drones. The drones have caused a number of important losses, including a number of cases that threaten people's lives.

A drone has "killed 130 people" on the right wing of a large passenger plane near gatwick, London.

"Said one pilot. The drone is known as "very big, of course, is not a toy, a meter in diameter, and there are four leaves and helicopters - almost hit the airbus A319, as it prepared to land in this year on July 9.

According to the plane's co-pilot, the "proximity scare factor" almost caused him to turn off the autopilot and take "avoid action". The UK's Airprox board said: "a large aircraft may not miss it, and the captain thinks it has killed 130 people."

Former royal air force and British airways pilot Steve randles said the incident was "another worrying thing that could end in tragedy". It was one of 18 other incidents involving drones and other objects at the UK's most recent UKAB meeting.

In September 2017, a drone collided with a U.S. army helicopter in New York, only modern civil uav with a traditional plane collision anywhere in the world of the confirmed case. No one was injured in the incident and the helicopter landed safely. According to the requirements of the U.S. national transportation safety board (NTSB), the average used sales record to trace the part of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), allowing the NTSB identify drone aircraft pilots and come to the conclusion that he failed to follow the safety operating procedures and its drones fly to his line of sight.

News reports in several other parts of the world say drones have collided with aircraft, but there is no evidence that they involve drones. Some of the alleged incidents did not find clear evidence of a collision, while in other cases investigators failed to perform basic techniques such as DNA swabs to eliminate birds.

In the world, uav attacks are likely to occur, and so many large events will have to use the unmanned aerial vehicle to prevent the terrorists from carrying out armed uav activities, such as the south Korean winter games use drone jammer security protection.


Posted by Phanegor 2018-06-11

Drones are very popular nowadays. They facilitate my aerial photography and make me very fond of them. News of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) although there are many on the net, but I feel it very far away from my life, from see this article, I felt the threat, so I think in the family as a privacy protection measures should also be using drones jammers.

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