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Australia: the opera house and other venues ban mobile phone ringtones

Are you irritated by the popularity of smartphones with ringtones? Are you bothered by the ringing of your mobile phone? Mobile phone ringtones are ubiquitous in every big place in life, with libraries, cinemas and theaters showing the most and most annoying places. I just want to relax in these places at the time of rest, but I have to endure the irritation caused by the ringtone. I think you will feel angry, right?In the face of the noise impact of mobile phone ringtones, let's look at how Australia solved this problem.In many countries, the ringtone problems are very common, and let people tired, the relevant departments and take the corresponding measures to forbid ringtones, including cell phone jammer is a common tool for most of the countries.

"Global Chinese radio network" Australia observer Hu Fang introduction, usually performance places in Australia, such as opera or drama stage, before the formal performance, adjust the phone to mute will require the audience, but does not require the audience completely turn off the phone.

What do you hate to do in the theater?I think it's more than one of the above behaviors, the ringtone of the cell phone and the way to make a loud phone call can't be tolerated, don't you think? Have you ever thought about using the relevant signal scrambler device to stop this abomination?

Some Australian trains also have silent carriages. Some of the city's intercity trains, for example, have special silent carriages. These are not cars that can't use a cell phone, but they can't turn on a ringtone or make a phone call. If you just use your mobile phone, it's allowed. These silent carriages are set up mainly for passengers who want to sleep or want to read, and the phone's voice may affect them. Therefore, if a passenger wants to use his mobile phone, he can only move to the ordinary car next door.

In addition, there are no national regulations on whether mobile phones can be used in schools. The Australian federal government has called for smartphones to be banned from classrooms. But national regulations are still not available. In general, each school's regulations on mobile phones will be voted unanimously by the President of the school committee.

In addition, some areas do not restrict mobile phones, but restrict the mobile phone selfie stick. For example, some opera houses in Australia can use mobile phones during intermission. But it is possible to influence others in a small space with a selfie stick, so it is not allowed. On the coast of Melbourne, for example, some small penguins can be found nesting in rock crevices. If you don't use a flash, just shoot with your phone, it's allowed. However, since the selfie stick has been used, some visitors have taken the selfie stick to the crack to shoot the penguins, sometimes injured the penguins, so it is forbidden to use the selfie stick on such occasions.

So that people can use mobile phone in the case of not affect others, Australian telecommunications companies in the business point to the customer to provide mobile phone use etiquette brochure, which specify the strictly forbidden, and habits of mobile phone use is not recommended.


Posted by Paker 2018-06-11

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