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Mobile phones are not allowed to carry in important places

The popularity of smart phones, made almost everyone have a mobile phone, its produce for communication is very convenient, you can easily be more family communication, and even video calls. But the use of mobile phones has become more and more serious. Smart phones have the function of shooting, GPS positioning, GPS navigation and other functions. These functions are both convenient for people and may pose an important threat, among which information is leaked, and mobile phone GPS tracking is more frequent on mobile phones.

Mobile phone is for the information age, it is an important communication equipment, and entertainment devices, but for the use of mobile phones should have certain rules, not all can use in any place, such as in gas station call is forbidden.It's good to use your cell phone on a plane, but don't let it affect others.

Mobile phone is widely used in people's work life with its convenient and flexible features. Cell phone communication is the transmission of voice and data information in an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it will be able to intercept any time, any place, and any person's call information. Every cell phone call can be tapped.

In the war in Afghanistan, the United States used such reconnaissance satellites to gather information about the taliban and al-qaida. Ben ladan is said to have been using his cell phone for fear of being bugged. Bin laden's right-hand man, al qaeda's no. 2, ABU zubaydah, was caught using his cell phone to expose his hideout.

The head of Russia's chechen insurgency, dudayev, was shot and killed by Russian troops on a mobile phone. The phone can also leak in the state of standby or even shutdown. Because the mobile phone has to maintain an uninterrupted signal exchange with the communication network, the resulting electromagnetic spectrum can easily be identified, monitored and tracked. Some phones themselves have a hidden call function, which can be turned into a call state without a ringing bell or any display, and reveal the secret. Intelligence experts say you can't keep your cell phone at your side.

Because of the serious consequences of the use of mobile phones, the importance of banning mobile phones in important places is reflected from the side. Answer to the question of the cell phone use is prohibited in many important places to carry mobile phones into the country's intelligence service, the military and government departments in the office is prohibited to use mobile phones, even closed cell phone will not be allowed in. In order to ensure the real put an end to the use of mobile phones, these important place will install cell phone jammer, so as not to forget to carry mobile phones, or mobile phones illegally entering and cause big loss.

Ban cell phone use has many important places, state secret units, important conference room, government, in areas such as the important unit is needed to protect the important place of information is strictly prohibited, these places are usually installed a protection device, to assist the ban on cell phone use mobile phone jammers.

Not only that, as smartphones popular, more and more places will install the signal interference device, on the one hand is to protect the security of information, not for mobile phones, it is also to ensure that the order of these places, maintain a good environment. The installation of mobile phone jammers in the library provides a good reading environment for readers. The enterprise conference room is equipped with a mobile phone jammer to ensure that the contents of the meeting are kept confidential and not interrupted by mobile phone rings.

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