The benefits of flying on a plane and the mobile phone

We know that it is necessary to turn off the phone and not use the phone, but recently online news reports said that mobile phones can be used on aircraft, thanks to the development of technology. Signal jammer blocker can be used to prevent cell phone use, but it may also affect the aircraft's instrumentation, so it is a way to customize the signal jammers used by aircraft.

Over the years, we've been on a plane that means we're in a state of total disconnection. You can fly your phone by plane! Xiamen airlines and other companies have announced that from January 18, people will not have to turn off their phones on the plane. They can also surf the Internet via WiFi, but they must transfer their phones to "flight mode". Where is the "flight mode" safe? What's the usual use?

It is understood that foreign airlines allow cellphone is very common, and the related technology is mature, the Qatar airways, the united Arab emirates, this kind of air, not only provides in-flight WiFi, also supports the function of the satellite phone, send and receive text messages, can walk in front of the more, the United States also lifted the in-flight cell phone use in 5 years ago. But this part of China's airlines "ban", is a conditional: users want to use a mobile phone on the plane, still need to be set to "flight mode", close the cellular mobile communication function, and the plane taxiing, take-off, landing and decline phase, the fly in low visibility stage special cases, such as it is prohibited to use.

The practice of allowing the use of mobile phones on the plane makes the heavy dependence on people could be more beguiled by phone, but the symptoms of excessive dependence on mobile phone is very bad, should be to control mobile phone dependency management measures.

In fact, the original intention of the flight mode was to keep the mobile phone in a non-transmitting state during the flight, so that it would not interfere with the instruments on the plane. But in today's flight, flight attendants still force the phone to be turned off. Because even in flight mode, the mobile phone can affect and interfere with the communication system between the cockpit and the ground tower. And each handset manufacturer is developing "flight mode" function on their own, it is difficult to guarantee no problem. So it's certainly the safest way to shut down your phone during flight.

Online for mobile flight mode of explanation is that the aircraft model, also called air mode, is must turn off the phone when traveling by plane, so as not to mobile phone signal transmitting and receiving affect flight, there are some mobile phone comes with this function, you can close off the SIM card signal transceiver. Some mobile phone flight mode function can be done by some software, this model can switch off the SIM card function, cell phone is in not transmit and receive signal state, and shall not affect other functions of mobile phone operating without a SIM card (mobile phone can't do anything). On September 29, 2014, the European aviation safety administration (EASA) said that China plans to allow mobile phones to fly on planes in 2018.

Wifi on the plane with us everyday use wifi, wifi air are implemented with the help of a satellite network, not only the fuselage equipment to transform, must set up corresponding to the base station on the ground, which means that the air wifi cost is extremely high. In addition, the WiFi satellite capacity is also the air facing one of the bottlenecks, because the Internet need to transmit signal, and at present the total capacity of bandwidth for a few megabytes to dozens, assigned to each passenger may be only a few hundred K, after 100 people WiFi at the same time, the plane carrying capacity is obviously not enough.

Several uses for flight mode

Reset the network. When you have a network failure or a broken network, you can turn on the flight mode. After a while, the flight mode will be switched off. This process will be the equivalent of a mobile phone reboot, and check the network connection immediately.

Reduce radiation. Many people don't have the habit of turning off their phones at night, for a long time. At this point, the phone does not turn off and turn on the flight mode, and the radiation of the cell phone immediately drops to very low.

Super power-saving. What do you do when you have to read some documents, or watch video, and suddenly find that your phone is running low on electricity and has no charger? Open flight mode! Much of the phone's power is consumed on the signal, so it opens up the flight mode and saves more than half the battery.

The harassment. When you want to be quiet, but curious about the dynamics of your friends, it's better to turn on the flight mode than to turn it off. Many of the previous partners said they couldn't link to the Internet after the phone was flying. In fact, when you open the flight mode, you will automatically disconnect all the networks, but you can also manually turn on the wifi, so that the Internet and the game will not be disturbed by the phone.

Bear children rob mobile phones. It's hard to say no when a bear kid is looking at your phone and asking for your phone to play. Instead of starting the flight mode, the phone has no mobile data, no text messages, no phone calls, no fear of being burned with money or traffic, or the embarrassment of calling or texting someone.

The above points are a common feature of flight patterns, and if you're really worried about the problems above, you can turn on the flight mode or use a signal jammer. A special aircraft design signal jammer can be run on a plane using a mobile phone.

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