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Parents worry about children using smartphone security


The popularity of smart phones make today's most of the students have their own smartphone, this for parents and children, although has brought great convenience, but at the same time also faces various problems. Especially in mobile phone security, parents are mainly concerned about their children's safety. Secondly, the radiation problem of mobile phones is also bad for children, which can affect their healthy growth.

Since they are worried about the safety of their children, why not control the use of mobile phones? Do you spoil them too much, and not discipline them? If so, I suggest that you can use the cell phone signal jammer and disrupt their mobile phone signal, it can make them unable to connect to the Internet, to a certain extent, for they are all very good. This allows them to develop the habit of using their cell phones.

Japan's information security firm Trend Micro (Trend Micro) released on June 7, on children, according to the results of investigating the situation of using smart phone while there are more than seventy percent of the parents for the safety of the mobile phone, but for the sake of safety and limit children to use mobile phone application software (APP) or the proportion of service is less than 4. The head of the company said: "there is not a minority of parents who are uncomfortable and lack knowledge. It should create opportunities for the whole family to learn how to use mobile phones safely.

The survey, carried out online, is aimed at parents who have a smartphone at a high school or high school. Of the 618 responses received, 73 percent of parents felt a certain unease about their children's use of mobile phones.

To why nervous (pops), 40% worried about "infected" for an answer to occupy the first place, there are other "access fraud and other illegal sites" 35%, "contact with strangers and meet" 34%, "defamation" 29%, "browse contain violence, sexual description of harmful websites" 29%. Many parents worry that their children's use of mobile phones can cause problems or bad effects in real life.

More than half of parents had time restrictions on their children's use of mobile phones, but only 34 percent of parents had restrictions on the APP or service they were using.

In addition, more than half of parents do not know that there is an APP disguised as a game to steal or illegally link people's information. About 9 percent of parents believe that "they need to learn" how to use the phone safely.Cell phone jammers can make your smartphone's data more secure.

In a word, we should be strict with our children when they are in control, not only for their study, but also for their healthy growth. Control the use of mobile phone time, the security of mobile phone can use the mobile signal jammer to assist you.