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2018 smartphone function prediction


The market of mobile phone is more and more intelligent, have the function of more and more, these functions to people's life and work has very important significance, is the embodiment of the people living standard improving. So what will future smartphones look like? At the same time, with the development of smart phones, also can give people a lot of problems, such as cell phone radiation affects health, the child too much mobile phone use, affect learning and growing, not reasonable use, noise caused by mobile phone. How to solve these problems? My prediction is that in order to maintain a good environment, diy cell phone jammer will become an important tool for people to use.

The evolution of smartphones has become predictable: larger displays, more powerful processors, longer battery life, faster data connections, higher pixel cameras, and more apps. Recent changes may suggest a big change in the smartphone revolution. We talk about flexible displays, completely different designs, eye control, etc.What will happen to smartphones in 2018?

How does a smartphone affect our lives?

Sensors for more sensors

Bluetooth 4.0 led to the outbreak of wearable sensor it will biomedical (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure), sports (running, calorie burning) and environment (such as temperature, humidity) data to smartphones, each sensor requires a separate application.

The eyes or the voice become the password

In 2018, mobile phones can be identified by the eyes or retina. This is called "eye scan" or "eye vein biometrics", and EyeVerify has developed this technology, which is safer than fingerprint recognition.

32 core processor

Within five years, the smartphone will be equipped with a 256-bit 32-core processor with 20nm. AMR's war with Intel will give way to the new microarchitecture.

Calculable camera

Aim and shoot cameras will be antiques, because smartphone cameras will no longer be the Numbers, but can be calculated, it can turn like the human eye, fixed focus, tracking trajectory, instant adjustment according to different light environment. Shoot video short film, compose paragraph lens, smile to restore and share many functions in one.

Voice control

Touch screens are still important for smartphones. But because processors and sensors are more powerful, eye control may be more mature within five years. But more likely is that more mature voice control, voice command can deal with all equipment, such as music broadcast, return calls, open or close the program, and of course the information request processing.

Flexible display

Many predict there will be a flexible smart phones, more likely will be installed on the smartphone body curve display, it can be a cone, multidimensional, can watch from different sides, support touch; If it's a single-sided display, it might be folded like a piece of paper.The smartphone screen will be flexible, thanks to new materials, flexible circuit boards and battery reorganizations.

True all-weather battery life

There are currently two technologies being developed that can be used to make battery cells that can last for weeks without charging. The first is hydrogen fuel cells, and apple, Japanese semiconductor maker ROHM, Aquafairy, and Kyoto university are all looking for solutions. More likely, lithium ion microcells, developed by the university of Illinois, are 2,000 times more powerful than today's lithium-ion batteries and can be used to drive cars.

Waterproofing is common

Liquipel, Hz0 (WaterBlock) and P2i(Aridion technology) have all launched smart phone waterproofing technology. Waterproof technology has been introduced, and the newest iPhone in the market has adopted waterproof technology. It will become more popular in the future.