Drones monitor atmospheric systems experiments

The development of science and technology does give people explore and facilitate the data collection, etc. That also gives people more bold vision, I believe that with the further development of unmanned aerial vehicle technology, the popularity of uavs will become more and popular, because drones can reach the people can't close to play a bigger role. But also need to consider the uav popularity brings problems, such as unmanned aerial may be taken by other people's privacy, flying about problems, etc., but you need not worry too much, using drone jammer can well solve these problems.

In mid-december of last year, the environmental research center of the Chinese academy of sciences (cas), a group of trace gas and atmospheric chemistry research teams, successfully carried out the experiment of uav atmospheric stereoscopic monitoring system in collaboration with several units. According to project director cheng-long zhang, a monitoring system for the first time will be low power flow particulate matter sampling technology, multi-channel vacuum gas sampling technique combined with technology, with the current atmospheric pollution is an urgent need to all-round demand for the fine monitoring of science.

Filling the air environment monitoring and study blind spots

In the troposphere atmosphere, the atmospheric pollutants are mostly vertically upward or horizontally from the near-surface, and the solar radiation, as an important driving force of atmospheric chemical reaction, is transmitted from the top down. Cheng-long zhang thought, therefore, atmospheric environmental chemistry research not only focus on the surface pollution, but also focus on the atmosphere within the scope of a certain height (especially the boundary layer) structure and the composition change, otherwise it is difficult to fully disclose tropospheric atmospheric chemical processes.

There have been a variety of vertical monitoring methods for atmospheric environment, such as the atmospheric boundary layer tower, manned aircraft, balloon and air boat, etc. But the boundary layer tower is fixed, and the height is usually less than 300 meters, and it is mostly built in urban areas. Manned aircraft can only fly at altitudes of hundreds of metres or more; The wind resistance and mobility of the balloon or airship need to be filled with a large amount of helium and the operation cost is high. These methods have been unable to meet the needs of the research on atmospheric pollution in the new era.

"The mobility and flexibility of the uav can effectively compensate for these defects and make it easy to reach places where it is not easy to approach, so that atmospheric monitoring is truly dynamic and stereoscopic." Cheng-long zhang said, "different rural areas to urban areas, its underlying surface more for farmland and village, low low atmospheric pollutants in the atmosphere, exactly and the height of the samples of uav for flight."

Precise atmospheric research tools

Prior to the success of the cas experiment, a small number of uav products have been applied in the field of environmental monitoring and cooperated with government environmental law enforcement activities. To this, the relevant person in charge of China wing space-based technology co., LTD., said: "in the market for unmanned aerial vehicle equipment is not professional, just pick up several air sensors, far cannot solve atmospheric diversification and accurate monitoring requirements."

Zhang chenglong's team is accurate to improve the system, in the sensor selection stage, to nanjing information engineering university professor pang xiaobing. Bombaris said that the atmospheric sensors are exposed to atmospheric temperature, humidity, other coexistence components and noise from electrical signals, and therefore the impact of the above factors on sensor accuracy is reduced by a variety of techniques.

In the end, they identified with strong anti-interference ability, can in the actual atmospheric gases to extract the accurate information flow of low power consumption of large particles sampler, multi-channel vacuum gas sampler, and sensors. The sensor can record and transmit 10 parameters at one time, including conventional pollutant parameters such as particulate matter, PM2.5 and PM10. In addition, the sampling equipment will be calibrated by the ground standard station before the uav is launched. Unmanned aerial vehicle after liftoff, but also to ensure good sampler volume to calculate in advance design, battery life, etc. Meet the remote control, GPS three-dimensional dot hovering and collect sufficient weight atmospheric samples requirements.

The stereoscopic monitoring system to overcome the low power flow particulate matter sampling and multi-channel vacuum gas sampling, the key techniques such as the realization of atmospheric particles, such as gas and liquid samples of three-dimensional fixed-point sampling, for atmospheric pollution comprehensive three-dimensional accurate diagnosis to provide important technical support.

Drones play an important role in the age of technology, whether it is the entertainment of people's lives or the detection tools of important industries, or even military matters. Believe in the future development,drones are involved in the delivery of aid will be implemented on a large scale.


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It's amazing that drones can also help people detect the composition of the atmosphere. There is no denying that drones provide a lot of convenience, but there is still a need to consider the threat they may pose.

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